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The episode starts with Doctor coming to give Pranati the tablets suggested by Vardhan. Jugnu stops him and sends him away saying that her mother doesn’t need any check up or medicine. She stops Pranati too and sends Doctor away.

Doctor leaves having no option. She carefully takes care of Pranati. They both share some sweet moments with each other. Jugnu puts Pranati to sleep. Dadi comes there asking who stopped Doctor from checking. Jugnu says its her and Dadi asks the reason. Jugnu says what’s the need to check when she’s perfectly fine.

Dadi says she’s under pressure to make her completely fine and what’s wrong with it. Pranati asks Jugnu to let him check as he’s already there. Jugnu gets upset while Doctor starts checking her. He says vitals is fine and he’ll give her injection for immunity.

Jugnu gets worried and tries to stop it with her pranks. She shouts that lizard is in his back and keeps the injection on sofa. Doctor sits on the injection and faints immediately. Pranati gets shocked and hugs Jugnu.

Receptionist says to Reyaansh that Vardhan didn’t attend any meeting there. Reyaansh wants to check the CTV footage. He starts checking it in the meantime Ganpati Visrajan happens in the house by Maan and Armaan.

Reyaansh couldn’t find any proof and wonders whether Pranati is lying or he couldn’t find the proof. He gets a call and says such a big foul play. Pranati confront Vardhan about the sleeping pills. She asks why’s he tormenting her already troubled life.

Vardhan asks does she think so. She says even if he kill her no one is going to believe her. She pleads him to let her live in peace and says she will not reveal anything to anyone. Vardhan laughs at her and says that he has whole Delhi in his pocket. He asks he’s not asking much just wants to do the same thing that Reyaansh did with her.

Pranati wipes her tears and says she’ll expose him now for sure. Vardhan taunts her for her sudden change in expression. Reyaansh comes there and says that he realized the truth. Vardhan asks if this is their combined drama. Reyaansh drags him out with collar and confronts him.

Vardhan acts innocent again but Reyaansh says that he got to know everything. He says he believed him over Pranati’s but didn’t expect him to fall so low. Vardhan asks what does he mean by it and asks him not to fall for Pranati’s acts. Reyaansh says did he really the doctor wouldn’t open his mouth whom you asked to give sleeping doze.

Vardhan agrees and says that she’s so hot and beautiful that he did try his luck on her. He asks what wrong did he do as even he did the same with her. He taunts Pranati for enchanting both the boys with her beauty and Pranati asks him to shut. Vardhan asks her to stop behaving like a pure woman. He says that they both act like living in separate rooms. He asks who knows what they do at night.

Reyaansh asks him to have at least little shame. Vardhan asks is he teaching him about shame who left her with child on roads. He asks in what way he’s confronting him after questioning her character in court. Vardhan says Pranati that she’s that vile woman who can do anything and asks her to do the same with him what she did with Reyaansh. He starts forcing her in front of Reyaansh and Reyaansh punches him.