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The episode starts with Reyaansh slapping Vardhan for forcing Pranati. Vardhan taunts him and asks who she’s to him and insults Pranati. Reyaansh is about to hit him but Pranati stops him. Vardhan asks who’s she for him to raise his hand on him.

 Pranati and Reyaansh feels heartbroken. Reyaansh says that he’s wrong to ditch Pranati and for not fulfilling his duties. He’s wrong as he failed as a father and its his mistake to not think about a girl’s life after leaving her.

 Vardhan asks him to stop his drama. He says that except Daadi none of the house women are respected in the house and badmouths Pranati badly. A furious Reyaansh starts beating him. Daadi, Maan and Armaan comes there and separates them. Dadi asks what happened and Reyaansh says that whatever Pranati said is true. He says that it’s him who tries molesting Pranati. Dadi asks he’s doubting his own brother on Pranati’s saying.

Reyaansh shows his trust on Pranati and says whatever she said is the truth. Dadi asks Vardhan if its true and he stands speechless. Dadi slaps Vardhan. She says this house men will never behave this way. She says Pranati that a woman who became mother before marriage will be treated only this way. She says she’s equally responsible for the condition shocking Pranati and Reyaansh.

Pranati says that being a woman she’s insulting another woman and assaulting character. She says that she always did so much wrong with her but she turned her blind eye to it. Pranati says that she always thought her to be a strong woman who knows to hold control of things in her life but she’s wrong. She says that if the society doesn’t respect her then it’s the same for her after all she’s an alcohol selling lady.

Dadi gets furious at her words and is about to slap her but Reyaansh stops her. Pranati asks is she hurt and upset. Inspector comes there and Dadi asks who called police. Pranati says she called Police. Dadi tries asking Inspector to leave as its house matter. Pranati says no one goes anywhere as she’s the one who gave the complaint. She says she also have proof against Vardhan. She shows the audio recording of Vardhan to Inspector. Everyone gets shocked.

Reyaansh asks inspector to arrest Vardhan for molestation. Vardhan tries protesting when Archit comes there as reporter with his other reporters. He covers live about Vardhan’s arrest. Police drag Vardhan away. Vardhan glares Pranati and leaves.

Reporters badmouth Khuranna family. Archit questions Dadi about her upbringing. Reyaansh warns Archit and takes Dadi inside. Reporters then question Pranati but Reyaansh takes her in too. Pranati forcefully pulls her hand away and asks what’s wrong with him. Reyaansh asks what’s she doing by involving media. Pranati says she didn’t involve media.

Reyaansh asks she is the one who informed Archit. Pranati says she didn’t but maybe Jugnu. Reyaansh doesn’t believe her and says what will happen to the family now. Pranati says she doesn’t care and asks him to face the truth once and for all. She asks him to stand by the truth till the end and face it all. Pranati leaves. Reyaansh is practicing punching bag and recalls all his moments in his life. He thinks that all this while he never stood by truth as no one taught him to do so but this time he’ll stand by Pranati in all situations. He promises to never choose the wrong path again.


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