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The episode begins with Praniti trying to apply medicine on her wounds on her back. She is finding it difficult for obvious reasons when Reyaansh comes inside the room and Praniti gets conscious. Reyansh says to her that I can help you out in applying the medicine. Praniti feels embarrassed in front of him when Reyaansh comes inside and closes his eyes to make her comfortable.

Praniti gets charged with his gesture and hands over the ointment to him and stands in front of him facing her back on his front. Reyaansh takes some ointment in his finger and applies it on her wounds by feeling with fingers. While she is feeling his touch and gets emotional to see that he is caring for her lately. On the other side, dadi is trying to call each and every influential personalities she knows to get Vardhan out of the jail but none of them is ready to help her out. she is getting angry on them for not listening to her and cutting off her call on her face.

On the other side Reyaansh is done with applying medicines when Praniti says now you can open your eyes. She thanks him for being a help and Reyaansh also thanks her for trusting her enough this time. Praniti says you didn’t answer my question till now. Reyansh replies to her, was it a question or a statement about me? Praniti says think in any way that makes you comfortable but I am still waiting for your reply. Reyansh says to her that this is why I am here. I know I’ve never said anyone sorry from my childhood in spite of committing so many mistakes.

Actually the problem is, in our house more than a family, people are living with business dealing minds. Hence they judge everything with profit and loss angle. They don’t care about anything else or anyone’s emotions. Actually the elders of the house never cared to taught the kids where they are going wrong from the very childhood. Hence none of us really learnt how to behave and how to apologize. Praniti gets impressed with his statements and says that today for the first time I am saying not a spoilt brat son of Khurana family but Reyaansh himself. she says I am happy that finally you are distinguishing between the rights and the wrong and also not wearing a mask of attitude on your face which you do always.

She says that finally I can say it out loud that I was not wrong in loving you. she continues that you always wear a mask that you don’t care about anything but I am sure you have some bitter experiences behind all your actions from life. But today I am glad to meet the real Reyaansh.

Reyaansh gets emotional to listen to her words. At the same time, Mallika enters and tries to influence dadi in favour of her. She says to her that if you can make call to the right person then Vardhan will be out of jail custody soon. She says to him I agree what Vardhan did was wrong but it shouldn’t drag it to the police station and should keep it within the house because after all it is a family matter.

Dadi gets influenced and manipulated with her words. she says if I am a part of this family then I would have called my father and dismissed the case within seconds. Reyaansh comes to put Jugnu to sleep and thinks that he is changing and somehow he is scared to loosen Praniti and Jugnu. Dadi teams up with Mallika to get her married to Reyaansh and throw Praniti out of the house.