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The episode starts with Parneeti asks Jugnu to wear shoes for school and get ready fast. Reyansh gives her red colored shoes and says she should wear them. Jugnu says yes she also likes these shoes. But then Parneeti comes there and scolds Jugnu for getting late and gets her hair done.

Reyansh gives Jugnu some money and says she can eat out and also can buy a comic. Parneeti stares at Reyansh. And Reyansh turns his words and says that she should buy a good educational book with these money. Jugnu laughs at him and the three share a good moment. Dadi sees this and gets irritated.


Further, Reyansh’s brother tells Dadi that their gym business suffering a lot damage due to Vardhan’s case. Dadi says that all this is happening because of that Parneeti. Reyansh’s brother tells that ever since the matter of Vardhan has come out, people have lost their faith in Khuranas and ladies start withdrawing their gym membership.

Dadi says that they will have to do something as soon as possible or else all their businesses will stop. Reyansh’s brother says but what should they do for now. Dadi says that do a photoshoots of a big celebrities and put up the posters so that people return to the gym. Reyansh’s brother says okay and goes away.


Then Malika comes there and tells Dadi not to worry. Malika says that as Reyansh’s wife, she has spoken to her father and he will help her in the matter of Vardhan. She asks Dadi but does she talk to Reyansh. Dadi says not yet but she will soon. Malika says it would be better if she talks quickly because she lacks patience. Malika goes away after saying this.


Later, Malika collides with Parneeti and asks her to walk properly. Malika taunts Parneeti, saying that she should take care or else someone has to face punishment for her negligence. Parneeti ignores her words and starts going from there. Malika gets irritated by this. And to tease Parneeti, she goes to Reyansh and asks him if they can go to a party tonight.

 Parneeti stops and starts listening her words. Reyansh thinks why she is paying attention to her words. And to Parneeti jealous  he tells Malika that this is a good idea and they will  do party tonight. And Malika hugs him. Parneeti leaves from there after seeing this.


Next, Parineeti goes to Dadi’s room and asks why she called her here. Dadi gives her a paper and asks her to sign it. It is written in the paper that Parneeti is withdrawing the case done without any pressure. Parneeti refuses this. She says Vardhan tried to force her and she will not withdraw the case at any cost.


But Dadi insists on doing so. Reyansh then arrives and tells Dadi not to do so. Reyansh says Vardhan has not only done wrong to Parneeti but has also done wrong to her.

And he has also insulted the grandmother’s upbringing. grandmother says if this is so then she will punish him not  police but Reyansh does not agree with this and says that Vardhan deserves to be punished. Episode end.