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The episode starts with Pranati bringing Jugnu’s favourite food and asks what she wants. Jugnu says that she wants freedom shocking Pranati. She says that she wants freedom from their love which is just a show off. She says she don’t want their love and wants to go to ashram.

She cries saying that they first give her love and then will call her illegitimate. She says that she atleast her friends there but there’s no one for her here. Pranati says that she’s there for but Jugnu asks where she was when she got insulted. Jugnu says that once she goes back to her friends in ashram she will say all her friends that all this family’s love is just a show off. She says that they believe family’s love is true which is not.

She asks her to let her go and says that she was playing the game for money to help her friends in ashram. She says that she will return all the money to them and pleads her to let her go. She leaves crying and Pranati breaks down. Reyaansh gets disturbed recalling Archit’s words.

Maan is helping Navya and she says she don’t want anyone’s pity especially Khurannas. Reyaansh calls Maan and Maan tries explaining him. Reyaansh asks him not to give any explanation as he’s doing right. He asks him to take care of Navya and not repeat the mistake done by him. Maan asks if she’s fine. Reyaansh wipes his tears and says he’s fine. He says that Archit will bring Pranati once she’s out of the house and asks him to call him once she’s there. He asks her to take care of her and cuts the call.

Maan is hesitant when Navya thanks him for being his support. She says that somethings are not in their control and because of that even Pranati is in the condition. Maan caresses her hair.
Jugnu is crying recalling her insult.

Reyaansh sits beside her and asks her not to control her tears as its a part of expressing their feelings. He says that she’s smart but Jugnu says that she’s smart yet illegitimate.

Reyaansh gets shocked and why’s she listening to them. She says that it’s in her ashram where she learnt the word illegitimate. She says all the cheap words she learnt in the ashram and she knows the meaning of everything.

She says when someone says those words there she wasn’t affected but she’s affected here when someone says that and wonders why.
She cries and hugs Reyaansh. Reyaansh says that she’s affected because she’s chanted now.

Jugnu says that she want to go back to ashram. Reyaansh asks her to not talk like that as her mother tried hard searching for her and just for her she’s ready to fight everyone. He says that it’s for her she’s now ready to leave the place shocking Jugnu. Pranati is leaving while Nisha warms up with her. Pranati thanks her and she leaves seeing Archit’s call.

Pranati picks up the call and Archit says that he’s waiting outside her house. He asks her not to worry as he’s just waiting as a friend who wants his friend’s welfare. She sees Dadi coming. Jugnu asks Where’s she going and he says that going leaving her and Jugnu asks why he’s not stopping her. He calls her daughter and says he can’t. Jugnu gets emotional and hugs him.

Precap : Pranati gets ready to leave and Reyaansh taunts her saying that her leaving doesn’t matter to him