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The episode starts with Maan tells Armaan that he should not put blame of Navya on him. Armaan tells him to be quiet. Both are about to start a fight but Dadi stops them. Dadi tells Maan that he should finish the story of Navya because she does not want to gather an army of illegitimate children. Mann forbids her to use the word illegitimate.

Dadi says the truth is that children who are born before marriage are illegitimate. Dadi says if he still has trouble with this word then he should end his relationship with Navya. Grandmother leaves saying this. Armaan and Maan look at each other.


There, Parniti is talking to her mother. And Reyansh is listening to her secretly. Parniti speaks to her mother that without eating her hand made laddus, her birthday is not completed. Reyansh is shocked to learn that it is Parniti’s birthday and thinks of doing something special on her birthday. On the other hand, Dadi says she will not allow Parniti to take away her power.

Dadi says that Reyansh’s mother had tried to do this earlier but she had removed it from her path and now she will also remove Parniti. Dadi says that she will finish the game of Parniti using her daughter only.


Reyansh comes to Jugnu. Jugnu is applying nailpaint. Reyansh asks Jugnu what is she is doing. Jugnu says she is flying the plane. Reyansh looks at her with a surprised look and Jugnu says does he not see that she is applying nailpaint. And then she starts cleaning the nailpants. Reyansh says why she is removing, it will look good in the Party.

 Jugnu asks what party. Reyansh says that it is her mother’s birthday and that they will organize a party but they don’t have to let Parnati find out. Jugnu says okay,  the deal is done. Then Parniti comes there and asks what deal, what you guys are talking about? Jugnu lies and says she had made a bet with Reyansh in which she feels that Parniti cannot reach a coin from one end of her mouth to the other. Parniti says she can and she does as Jugnu say.

Later, Jugnu and Reyansh laugh at her. Because the paint in the coin is applied on the face of Parniti. Parniti thinks why they are laughing and goes out.


There, Armaan and Maan are still fighting but as soon as they see Parniti they start laughing. Parniti asks what happened. Maan shows Parniti her face in the camera and Parniti is shocked. Then Maan gets Navya’s call, Maan picks up her phone. Navya asks does he know what Parniti’s favorite cake is. Maan says no.

 Navya tells this to Archit that he does not know. Archit says Parniti’s choice keeps changing and he doesn’t know which cake she likes. Navya tells him not to worry.


Here, Jugnu makes a fool of the Dadi and give jaadu in her hands and lets her stand awkwardly. When Daadi realizes that Jugnu is make fun of her, she runs to beat her. The next day, Jugnu fights with Parniti.

 Parniti says lets do not fight today. Jugnu says why is there anything special today?  Then Reyansh comes there and says why is she all ready in early morning, is there anything special?  Parniti is sad to think that no one remembers her birthday. Afterwards, Daadi overhears Jugnu and Reyansh’s birthday plan and is enraged. Episode end.