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The episode starts with Praniti asks Reyansh if this house is really wretched. Reyansh says yes it is absolutely true that this house is wretched. Praniti says she never heard Reyansh talking like this. She says that he always talks positively. She adds that he always makes everyone laugh, then why is he saying such things today.

Reyansh says is she praising him. Praniti answers yes. Also she says that he should not say such strange things. She says that now this house will not be wretched also because this time their daughter has entered in this house. She says that the steps of small children are auspicious, which removes all ill-will. Reyansh says she is right and he can give this house a chance for Jugnu.


Armaan sees Riya is busy. He goes to her and says that he has kept her clothes and shoes in the cupboard. Riya ignores his words. And Armaan keeps trying to talk to her again and again. Jugnu notices all this.

She goes to him and tells Armaan that if he wants to talk to Riya then he should help her. Armaan says that Riya is cleaning the dust and he cannot do such work because he is wearing very expensive clothes. Jugnu throws dust at him and says that if he still does not help Riya in clean up, she will throw more dust at him.


There, Dadi calls Reyansh to her room. Reyansh goes there. Dadi tells Reyansh that she has a plan that could save their sinking business. Dadi says that if Maan gets married in a rich house, with the help of this, they can get some money and improve the condition of business. She says that like they had arranged Armaan’s marriage with Riya as a deal, they can get Maan married as well.

And Maan will also be happy like Armaan. Reyansh recalls how Maan once said that it is very important to have love in marriage and also that he loves Navya. And for this reason Reyansh denies Dadi’s decision. And says that this is wrong.

 Dadi says he should not teach her what is wrong and what is right. She says that she knows what she wants to do and she will do it too. Dadi insists on Reyansh, saying that he will have to help her in this too. Reyansh says fine with sad heart.


Further, the purification of the house puja is begins. Malika and her father also present there. Pandit ji says who will complete the method of house worship. Dadi says Riya and Armaan. At this, Malika’s father interrupts Dadi and says that the elder son of the house and daughter-in-law is Praniti and Reyansh so then they should do this puja.

Dadi agrees. But Jugnu says that Praniti and Reyansh are not married. Riya says that but they are going to get married very soon, so Praniti will be the part of worship. Reyansh also agrees. Malika gets irritated seeing Reyansh and Praniti’s growing proximity and takes Dadi to a corner. She taunts Dadi for leaving in such smaller house. Dadi says that she has to stay in this house because her father broke business relations with her. Riya says that she does not know that why her father did this but if Dadi can get her married to Reyansh, she can convince her father to invest in her business. Dadi agrees.


Reyansh only sees Praniti while worshiping. Maan and Riya say that they both love each other very much but do not express it. He says they should do something so that both of them get married soon. Reyansh thinks in his mind that he is in love with Pranriti and what answer she will give if he proposes her for marriage.