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The episode starts with Jugnu starts burning photos of her with Parniti and Reyansh. But Reyansh stops her and says if she has gone mad, what would happen if her hand burns. He asks is she ok. While Parniti comes there and asks what happened, why is Jugnu crying. She goes to her and hugs him but Jugnu pushes her.

Parniti is shocked. Then Archit also comes there and tells Parniti that she has forgotten the cake. Reyansh says only Archit was lacking. Jugnu asks Archit why he has come here. Parniti forbids Jugnu to talk like this to Archit. Dadi taunts Parniti. And says Parniti is a cheater and is cheating Reyansh and hanging out with her friend. She leaves after saying this.

Further, Reyansh expresses his displeasure at Parniti and asks her how she forgot her daughter and him and made her birthday with her friend. Parniti says did they remember her birthday. Jugnu says yes they remembered and they also sent her a message in which they ask her to come before 6 pm. Parniti says she did not receive any message. Jugnu says that she should not lie because she saw that she had seen the message.

Parniti says she did not really get any message. She adds that if she had received the message, she would have risen from her bier. Jugnu says that she is crazy who is talking about her death on her birthday. She says she is no longer angry, so she should not talk like this. Archita tells Jugnu that Parniti only cut the cake with him but did not eat the cake. He says that she wanted to eat cake with Jugnu only. Jugnu gets emotional after this.

Then Archit says that he wants to talk to Reyansh. Reyansh says but he does not want to. Jugnu tells Reyansh that he should talk to him. Reyansh goes to talk to Archit when Jugnu insists. Archit scolds Reyansh for his misbehavior. He says that the action he did in front of Jugnu was very cheap and he would be cursed for it.

Reyansh says that for 9 years Parniti has also been cursing him but nothing has happened to him till today, so he will not have any trouble in further too. Archit ask him to stop his nonsense. And he says that he knows how good Parniti is and how much she loves Jugnu, yet he is making her sad by talking about this type of thing. He warns him not to trouble her again or else it will not be good for him.

There, Jugnu asks Parniti whether she really did not get the message. Parniti says yes indeed and then she sees the burnt photo, she asks who made it. Jugnu says she made it but when she did not come, she burnt it. Jugnu then gets angry and goes back to the room. Parniti goes after her. Reyansh is angry with Archit. And says that if there really is nothing between them. He says but he still has problems with their friendship. He says whenever he is doing everything right then why does everything go wrong and he becomes sad.

Further, Parniti shares her suffering with Durga Maa. She says she has committed many mistakes in her life. She first became a mother at the age of 18. And then forcefully impose so many relationships on her own baby girl. She says but she did all this only for Jugnu so that she can be happy with the family in future.

She prays for Jugnu. Then Jugnu comes there and says why is she crying. Jugnu says but she looks beautiful while crying. Parniti laughs. And Jugnu tells her to chill because everything will be good in the future. Episode end.