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The episode starts with Pranati rushing outside seeing Jugnu speaking with some woman. Jugnu asks her to meet her mother but she says that she’ll meet her later. Jugnu leaves while Pranati notices the woman. However she misses her as Mishra calls her. Nisha gives her drink and welcomes her to hell in the name of engagement. Before they could continue Reyaansh comes there with Rhea who requests Pranati to pose for a picture. Later Jugnu too joins and Rhea clicks their picture with Jugnu too. Archit is drinking thinking about Pranati and says that he will not leave that easily.

Pranati comes to Maan asking him to have talks with Navya’s family but Maan tries making some excuse. Reyaansh comes there and asks her to let him deal his own issues. He asks her to mind her business but Pranati says that she’s not like him and will do whatever she feels is right. Soon Rhea and her family takes their leave while everyone sighs in relief. Pranati is looking at a sleeping Jugnu when Archit calls her asking her to come out. He says that he doesn’t want to come in and create drama. Pranati asks him to stay there and goes out. She finds him all drunk and miserable and felt pained seeing his condition. She asks did he drink when Archit says that she’s living with Khurannas and couldn’t tolerate his alcohol smell. He asks how could he do this to him and asks how could she accept Reyaansh back after what he did with her. He says that she’s also like other girls who uses men and throw them away. He asks why didn’t she understand his real love.

Pranati cries hiding her tears and says that their relationship is over and now Reyaansh is her present as well as future. She asks him to concentrate on his sister and says that she’s not in a good shape. Archit forces her to say what happened to his sister when Pranati reveals that she’s pregnant with Maan’s child. Archit gets shocked and says that it’s not Maan but Armaan and informs her about meeting Armaan outside his house. Pranati gets shocked.

Armaan comes home and Pranati asks is he back after meeting his girlfriend. Armaan says that it’s not girlfriend but his fiancee Rhea. Navya comes from behind and asks if this is the reason he wants to abort her child. Armaan denies the allegations and blames Navya for lying. Navya shouts at him that he was there at her house just an hour back to say her to abort her child. She shouts at him and Armaan shouts back asking did he ever force her and says that it’s her fault.

Pranati recalls the time when she was cheated by Reyaansh and shouts at Armaan for spoiling a girl’s life and asks him to think about the child. Armaan says that it’s not his problem and Pranati shouts at him. Dadi comes there and calls Navya and Pranati characterless who gets pregnant before marriage. She insults Pranati.

Precap : Reyaansh slaps Armaan. Pranati challenges Daadi that she will not let Armaan ruin two girls life.