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With Omkar winning Mayura’s heart with his thoughts and actions, the viewers are hooked to the new twists and turns in the daily soap Pinjara.

In the previous episode, Mayura feels guilty of saying so much rude words to Omkar and that he isn’t even allowing her to say sorry to him. Mayura goes to Omkar’s room, Omkar comes from behind and she gets startled. They have friendly argument about this. Mayura is about to fall on bed and drags Omkar along. She says he isn’t bad and that she misunderstood him. She calls him good human being. Omkar says he wasn’t good before but someone special changed him.

Its shown there was a picture of Mayura among the pictures of kite flying event which Ashwaria had received .

At hospital, Mayura goes to see patients and Omkar tags along. Halka sa plays in background as Omkar imagines sweet moments with Mayura.

Neel is treating some patient. He says this patient must be taken care of and he cannot take that patient to his hospital.

Mayura talks to a female patient and encourages her saying she will get better soon. Omkar comes and motivates the lady. Mayura gets very impressed by his words.
Mayura praises Omkar and tells he has a very good heart.Omkar says truth is that it was him who gave her the mark on her face. He breakdowns and says its him who gave her this scar.

In the upcoming episodes it will be interesting to see how will Mayura reacts to Omkar’s confession. Or it was just Omkar’s imagination?

Who is the mysterious patient with Dr Neel?

Will Omkar’s love story get a break with his confession to Mayura ?

To know more stay tuned to Pinjara on colors tv and voot.