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The popular daily soap Pinjara has made viewers of what’s happening next on the show. While Mayura’s plan to escape fails, Omkar has taken some decision which is yet to unfold.

In the previous episodes, we had seen Tara suddenly starts crying, so Omkar moves away from Mayura and looks at the baby. Mayura quickly uses makeup to hide the scar well. Manjiri’s friend tells her she met Ashutosh at the airport.

Manjiri says they don’t need to go anywhere for Dhawan as she has made all arrangements at home. Mayura thinks now it would be difficult for her to escape. Mayura gets tensed as heat can melt prosthetics away and reveal her scar. Mayura says Omkar if it takes longer, Tara may get cough too. Omkar tells the priest to hurry up. While dancing around someone drops a plate full of colors on Mayura. Omkar cleans her face and gets shocked to see her mark.

Omkar and Mayura have arguments and Mayura begs him not to separate her from her daughter. She scolds him for being blind in superstitious beliefs. Omkar says Mayura that she can become a mother only if Tara addresses her as a mother but he will never let that happen. Inside the room Tara keeps crying but Omkar doesn’t let Mayura come inside. Omkar thinks he has taken a decision that will bring happiness for both Omkar and Tara.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Omkar’s decision will affect all their lives. It would be interesting to see if Mayura can find out some way to stay closer to Tara.

Will Omkar destroy Tara’s life due to his stubbornness and obsession?

Will Mayura think of some alternative and can free her daughter?

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