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The episode starts with Mayura sitting inside the cage and Omkar sitting infront of her on chair and Piyush standing by his side. Omkar tells Mayura must be hungry and he will go to get food for her. He asks Piyush to stay there so that Mayura doesn’t feel bored. While Omkar goes to kitchen, Piyush tells Mayura to listen to him as he as something important to inform her. He asks her to trust him.

Mayura tells him he broke her trust and she doesn’t believe him. Omkar looks on from kitchen, suddenly Piyush starts speaking aloud and tells Mayura to surrender herself to Omkar and she will be happy. Omkar passes by them.

Omkar thinks he was uselessly doubting Piyush,he is his brother and will never go against him. Then Mayura tells him he should not try to defend his brother. Piyush tells her not to misunderstand him, he saw Omkar coming so he said all those. He is still with her. He tells her he knows Omkar isn’t what he believed him to be. He tells her unknowingly he had helped Omkar to get close to her. So he will help her and take her out at any cost. He tells her even Sanjay will help them. He goes on to tell her that he knows Omkar loves her beauty and not her character.

He is ashamed of calling Omkar as her brother. He tells her it was Sanjay’s plan to help her. Flashback is shown that Sanjay called Piyush and told him to pretend to be on Omkar ‘s side and they can together help Mayura. He says Piyush is only one inside home who can help her. Piyush thinks he needs to play a small game with Omkar. Piyush tells Mayura that he, Sanjay and Shankar all are on her side. Mayura is overwhelmed and cries. She tells Piyush how she felt disgusted when Omkar was getting her ready but she allowed him to do it.

Omkar shouts at someone, Piyush and Mayura are startled. He shouts at maid because there was a hair strand in Mayura’s breakfast. They are relieved as Omkar didn’t hear them talking. Omkar takes breakfast for Mayura inside cage and tells her to eat as proteins and vitamins are necessary for healthy skin. Piyush also tells her to eat.

Manjiri thinks Piyush is like Omkar’ s pet dog but she had to stop Shankar from helping Mayura by making him over drink and fall asleep. Ashutosh comes to mansion with some men. He tells Omkar that reporters and police man won’t help him but he has come with his neighbors and people who will help him in taking back Mayura. Mayura keeps calling him and crying.

Omkar locks Mayura in the cage and comes outside. He drops lots of real diamonds in front of them. The men are awestruck to see diamonds and ask if they are real? Omkar says they are real.  He asks them to take a diamond each and make their lives better. Asuthosh tells Omkar everything can’t be bought by money. He gets shocked seeing his friends drop the stones and picking up diamonds.

He feels broken seeing them all leaving .  Omkar tells Ashutosh not to repeat anything like this again. Ashutosh raises his hand but Omkar holds it tightly and hurts him. Mayura cries for her father. Ashutosh falls in Manjri ‘s feet and asks her for help but she behaves rudely and asks him to let her eat. Mayura tells him to stop pleading. He gives Mayura locket of goddess and says she will get strength from it.


Omkar tells Mayura to stop crying. Manjri tells her to listen to her husband. Manjri reminds Omkar about Narmada Puja and he tells he will go to pray at the ghat.

Piyush tells Mayura must be having dry throat due to overcrying, so he will take some water for her.

Piyush goes to Mayura and informs her about Narmada Puja. Mayura thinks she will escape from cage tomorrow.



Omkar uses handcuffs to tie his and Mayura’s wrists. Omkar dances romantically with Mayura.