Amidst the revenge chase of Mayura against Omkar we had seen how she falls in his trap and gets locked inside the cage but is saved by a little girl who was disguised as Goddess. After Mayura escaped from there, she get Omkar attacked through swarm of bees. His face gets swollen and feels disgusted with himself. People on the road pass negative comments about him . He locks himself inside his room feeling the pain and embarrassment.

Mayura sits outside his room and tries to teach him a moral lesson but she also gives him medicine for reducing his pain. Next morning Omkar has same negative attitude and taunts Mayura. He even throws away the medicine she had given him. Omkar’s men traumatize Mayura’s family and beats up Sanjay.

Omkar presses a seal of divorced on Mayura’s cheek. He challenges her that she will sign divorce papers before divorced seal on her Stamp is gone. Mayura is in denial for divorce as she doesn’t want Omkar to spoil life of others. But Omkar is determined to divorce her and make her leave the house.

In upcoming episodes we will see Mayura and Omkar getting remarried and Mayura reveals her whole face showing the scar on her face. This makes Omkar feel disgusted and he shouts at her to go away.

What will Omkar do to persuade Mayura for divorce?

How will Mayura and Omkar end up remarrying??

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