Colors TV new show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka is all set to hook audience at the end of their seats with its upcoming twists and turns.

In the last episode we saw how Omkar stops all male servants from working at his home.  And also stops Mayura from cooking in the kitchen because a small fire spark touches her while turning on the gas.  Omkar’s father blames his mother for such strange antics of Omkar. While Mayura is happy to think that Omkar loves her very much and takes care of her.

 On the other side Sonu tells Mayura’s father that they were victimized by a man wearing a golden colored shoe and Ashutosh doubt Omkar.  Later he comes to Omkar’s house.  And decides to tell Mayura the truth of Omkar.  He tells Mayura that Sonu and Tinku were admitted to the hospital and Omkar is responsible for their condition.  Because Sonu told him that a man wearing golden colored shoes hurt him and Omkar is the one who wore golden shoes at the wedding.  Mayura tells her father that not only Omkar but all Baratis wore golden shoes because that was the theme.  Mayura apologizes to Omkar for her father’s behavior.  And Omkar’s mother tells Mayura’s father to leave her house.

 Now in the upcoming episodes we will see that Omkar’s mother invites Mayura’s family for dinner.  And thinks of avenging her son’s insults.  While Mayura apologizes to Omkar and sheds tears and apologizes for his father’s rude behavior. Omkar embraces her and thinks in his mind that he will drive away every person who will make his wife cry.

 Will Omkar’s mother succeed in her plan?  Will Omkar really turn Mayura away from her father?  Will Omkar’s truth be revealed to Mayura?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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