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The popular daily show, Pinjara has kept viewers hooked to the show with their recent developments in the storyline. While Mayura is finally taking a stand against Omkar, how will he react to all this?

In the previous episode we had seen Omkar was impatient to meet Maya but gets fooled by Vishakha . While on other hand, Megha locked herself in a room at Omkar’s house and said she won’t leave unless Omkar talks to her.

Vishakha made Omkar sit with her in a room and switched on television where live broadcast of charity fashion show is going on. Even Ashutosh and Dadi watched the show. Omkar got shocked to see that Maya is Mayura and she had removed her scar. Mayura confidently gave her speech against male dominance in the society and said income from her show will be to help women who wants to fight for their rights.

Vishakha taunted Omkar badly and made fun of him. He in turn threatened to destroy her life. He asked her about Mayura’s whereabouts but she denied to say anything.

In the upcoming episodes we will see encounter of Mayura and Omkar. While Omkar will taunt Mayura by saying that his hatred suits her, she will challenge him back saying he won’t understand her reason behind doing all this. However time will explain everything.

While Mayura is constantly winning against Omkar, will she be able to get her daughter forever too?

Will Omkar come up with new evil plans destroy Mayura again?

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