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Colors tv popular show Pinjara has taken an interesting turn with the fresh storyline! Lets wait to see how destiny brings them closer and completes their love story!

In the previous episode Omkar kicked Mayura’s car and returned back her money. Mayura told she hopes she never sees his face again. Omkar said the same. Omkar came to hotel for his new job. Mayura entered the hotel with her friends. Omkar saw her and hid from there.

Omkar mistakely dropped decorative small cage on the floor. Mayura got angry seeing Omkar there. Omkar pleaded Mayura and told her he needs the job badly. Mayura told him to do everything as she says. She asked him to bring all her luggage bags from car without using lift.

Omkar brought all the luggage and asked Mayura if she bought suitcase from sale as its handle got easily broken. Mayura told Omkar to do foot massage. He poured lot of cream and pressed her foot roughly, Mayura got annoyed and asked him to leave and bring lemonade for her. Mayura slipped and fell infront of Omkar due to broken heel.

Omkar teases her and leaves as he gets his mother’s call. Mayura misunderstood that Omkar is taking money in exchange of helping older gardener and got very angry.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Omkar keeps saving Mayura but she will again end up misunderstanding him. She will be determined to make him leave the job.

How will Mayura’s misunderstanding get cleared?

Will Omkar be able to save his job?

To know more stay tuned to Pinjara on colors tv and voot app.