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The episode starts Dada ji saying to Pavitra that she’s not aware of Pishachini’s black magic power. He advises her to forget about Pishachini and return after the marriage and adds that they will also leave. Pavitra asks if he will leave Pratik alone. Dada ji says that Pratik hd chosen his way by himself long ago and he can’t risk anyone’s life to help him. Pavitra says that maybe Pratik is in some big trouble, so he called them after 20 years and he is unable to tell him. Dada ji says that he would have said long back if he wanted to say and he would have called them by tricking them.

Pavitra says that maybe it’s Pishachini’s trick and he is innocent. Dada ji says that she’s a very nice person so she wants to help the person because of whom she lost everything. He says that her heart is pure so the pandit named her as Pavitra. The latter wants to talk to Pratik once. Dada ji says that he isn’t trustworthy. Pratik’s intension will be danger for all of them. He says that he knows Pishachini’s object, she must be trying to return to Bareli. She used first Pratik and now she must be looking for another person to return Bareli.

Pishachini comes to a sleeping Rocky. She asks if he will take her to Bareli. She tries to hypnotise him. Just then Sanchin and Vidya come to Rocky’s room. They wake him up to get ready for the mehndi ceremony. Meanwhile Pavitra is getting ready for the mehndi ceremony. She takes out her grandfathers notes about pishachini. She recalls her conversation with Rocky’s Dada ji. A FB shows. Pavitra says that they have to something. Dada ji says that her grandfather captured Pishachini in a holy box.

Pavitra asks where they can find that box. Dada ji says that Pratik ran away taking that box 20 years ago. Pavitra says that they can ask Pratik. Dada ji refuses as it will alert Pishachini. He says that they have to do this work secretly. Pavitra is surprised that Dada ji wants to help her. Dada ji says that her grandfather scarificed his life for saving his family and refuses to leave Pavitra alone in this. Pavitra says that it’s dangerous. Dada ji says that Pishachini wants to take revenge them and they should stop her here before she reaches Bareli. He says that they will fight this battle together. FB ends. Pavitra wonders where to find the box in this big mansion. Pavitra sees Rocky and thinks of using him to find the box.

Dada ji is in the storeroom searching the box. Dada ji finds a photo frame of Pratik and Amrita with three kids. He says that Pratik and Amrita has only daughter, Nikita, and wonders who are the kids in the photo. Pishachini comes to the storeroom and meows. Dada ji looks on scared hearing this. Meanwhile Pavitra comes to Rocky and asks if they can become friends. Rocky agrees.

Pavitra tells him that they have find Pishachini’s box which contains treasure. In the storeroom Dada ji is hiding while Pishachini is walking meowing. Here Rocky asks Pavitra to tell again the description of the box. Pavitra gives the description box again. There Dada ji gets scared when Pishachini comes to him. Pishachini says that she was waiting for him ans he himself came. She says that let her welcome him. She attacks him.

Pavitra asks Rock to find the box the other side while she will search this side. Nikita comes to them and reminds them that this is her mehndi function. She takes them from there. Pishachini is overhearing them standing near the window. She comes in and sits on the couch. Pavitra asks about Dada ji. Nikita says that he will be coming. Pishachini says that he won’t come as he is in trouble. Dada ji is shown standing on the edge of the window stock. He shouts for help.

In the mehndi ceremony Pavitra asks Rocky the go and find the box. Rocky complains that she’s making him running. Nikita sees the mark on Shikha’s face and thinks it’s mehndi. She notifies it to Shika. The latter feels bad and is about to leave. Nikita stops Shikha and tries to wipe it off, but she’s unable. She asks what type of mark is. Shikha starts to cry. Rocky comes to Shikha and says it’s good luck charm for Shikha, it’s a God gift.

Vidya says that she read on the book that people with mark on face have lot of success in their life. Sachin says that she’s one among lakhs. Rocky says that she’s one among crores. They hug her. Bubbly calls them to apply mehndi. Nikita apologizes to Shikha. Pratik and Amrita are getting ready for the function. Amrita has some marks on her face and she hides it using make up.

Pishachini comes in disguise of a Muslim woman in burka to apply mehndi on Pavitra’s hand. She is shocked noticing a mark on Pavitra’s palm. Pavitra says that she has mark from she’s child and her aunt say it’s Hanuman’s tilak which protects her everywhere. Pavitra sees Rocky flirting with a girl instead of searching the box. She goes to him. Pishachini looks at Pavitra and says that now she understood now why this girl is troubling her from the first day, she is having the holy mark on her palm.

The episode ends.

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Pishachini 15th August 2022 Written Update: Dada ji tells Pavitra about her grandfather