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Colors’ popular supernatural show, Pishachini, is gearing up for more drama with Rocky declaring Pavitra as his wife despite the Rajputs’ disapproval.

Previously, it was seen that Rocky defended Pavitra and said to his family that he was responsible for what had happened, so he asked his family to rebuke him, not Pavitra. However, the Rajputs refused to accept Rocky and Pavitra’s wedding and Pavitra as their daughter-in-law. Rani arrived there and shed crocodile tears to gain Rajputs sympathy.

To everyone’s shock, Rocky declared Pavitra as his wife. Later, Rani was furious that Pavitra spoiled her plan and vented out her anger by destroying the trees in the forest. Pavitra arrived there. She taunted Rani about her defeat and said that Rani couldn’t harm the Rajputs as they were her family now. Rani angrily shouted that Pavitra couldn’t escape from her. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Vidya and Sanchit will support Pavitra and Rocky and will welcome Pavitra. The latter will perform the bride’s welcome ritual. Later, Rocky will remind Pavitra’s her words about her goal to be her sole focus and she didn’t want any other distraction. He will ask Pavitra what made her change her mind to marry him.

Pavitra will express her feelings for Rocky. She will say that she realized Rocky was her wish and her goal and she wanted only his safety and happiness. In the night, Rocky and Pavitra will grow closer and will spend a moment together. Pishach will see Rani meditating under the light orange-colored sky and will be afraid of an explosion of her anger after being defeated by Pavitra. Pavitra will wake up from sleep due to the scary thunderstorms. She will find them as a sign to alert them of an upcoming danger. 

What will be Rani’s next attack against Pavitra? Can Pavitra protect the Rajputs from Rani’s attack? 

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