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Sembaruthi is famous Zee Tamil show. This show has it’s separate fan base for the unique love story. Peoples loves the love story between Adhi and Parvathy. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Akhila questioned Parvathy. Viewers will see that police will give hint to Adhi

In Today’s episode we see; Akhila questions Parvathy how come 2000rs notes changed into 500rs notes? She questions her why don’t she ask more amount to her if money over? Parvathy informs to Akhila that money went missing. She narrates the whole incident to her. Akhila asks Adhi to call the police. Vanaja fears to get caught and says to Akhila what’s the need to call police for this small matter? Her reputation will act by this. Akhila lashed out at her. Adhi calls the police. Vanaja and Uma plans to hide the money. They spreads chilli powder to divert dog. While they trying to shift the money they notices police there. They hides the money inside the flower pot and spreads chilli powder on it.

In upcoming episode viewers will see; Vanaja will stand near Parvathy without showing any expression. Police will check everyone room and come down. Vanaja will inform to Adhi that police checked all room except Akhila room. Adhi will say to police that there is no chance to someone from outside to stole it? Money will be in this house. Vanaja will say that she doubt Parvathy doing drama that money went missing. Police will glare Vanaja and reveal to Adhi he is right. Money didn’t go out. Vanaja will fear to get caught

What will happen next? Will police Mention Vanaja name to Akhila? Will Parvathy save Vanaja from police?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.