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The episode starts with Diana informing Helena that Ashok made Uma pregnant. Kaurwaki said like that. Helena is excited to hear it. Diana says that Devi denied it but. Helena says that she wanted to create this rumour. It will help them. Meanwhile, Ashok helping Dharma to get redy. He praises her beauty. Meanwhile, Bindusaraa thi na that he didn’t see his son face yet. He always used a curtain between them. He decided to see his face. He is aware that he will die if he see his face. He is ready to face the consequences. Later, Ashok says to Bhavan that today is his dream comes true. He notices Kaurwaki and Devi coming. He recalls the way she insulted him. He glares at her. A dancer touched Ashok’s face and says that he has to watch her dance. He feels like something is on her hand.

Ashok is going behind the dancer and tried to hold her hand. Kaurwaki asks Devi to see Ashok’s true colors. He is spending time with a girl in front of her. She isn’t understanding anything. Devi asks her to stay quiet or else leave. Kaurwaki walks away from there. Soldiers are discussing about Bindusaraa’s decision. Ashok back hugged the dancer to see her hand. Bindusaraa feels ashamed to see it. He thinks that he is behaving like this with a dancer in front of everyone. He leaves from there in anger. Helena stops Kaurwaki. She asks her doesn’t she is a childhood best friend of Devi. Then why she is not stopping this wedding. Ashok is a monster. She shouldn’t allow her to marry him. Kaurwaki says that she did a lot but Devi isn’t listening to her. Helena says that Ashok is her grandson but she can’t support his wrong deeds. He shouldn’t play with another woman. She asks her to save Devi from his life. Kaurwaki says that she can’t do anything. Helena emotionally blackmails her. She agrees to help her.

Helena stops Bindusara and tells him that Mahad prestige is ruined. We never done this to our enemies yet. Today our Magad ruined their image. We created a wrong history. Bindusaraa asks her to explain it. She tells him that Maling’s servant became pregnant of Magad’s soldiers. Her baby was killed. She says that Ashok did it all. He refuses to believe it. She asks Kaurwaki to say the truth. Kaurwaki says to him that Uma was pregnant with Ashok’s baby. He killed her. Helena says that Ashok took advantage of a servant. He showed his power to her. He played a fake love to her. He killed his heir when he came to know that he will get caught. He looked Magad’s heir. He is capable to kill anyone in Magad. She provoked him against Ashok. Meanwhile, Bhavan says to Ashok that Bindusara is going to see his face.

Ashok is surprised to see the curtain there. They welcome all the queen but not Dharma. Bindusaraa announced to remove the crown from Dharma. He takes the power from her. Ashok lashes out at Bindusaraa. He says that he is a liar and this kingdom is a liar. He back off from his words. He is going to break the rules for his deeds.

Episode end

Ashok fights with the soldiers

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