The historical drama Prachannd Ashoka will hit the screen today. The show has been creating a buzz since its first promo. 

In the teaser, the story of Ashoka impressed the audience. Ashoka’s father disowned him, calling him a bad omen. Ashoka is raised by someone else. The rage changed the history of India. King Ashoka’s had a love angle with Kaurwaki. 

Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh are playing the leads. The actors are receiving a positive response from the audience. They are eager to see the love story of Ashoka and Kaurwaki. 

Adnan was last seen in the Katha Ankahee show. He earned huge popularity. Adnan will surely try to break his own record. In the show promos, his acting is noticeable. Fans are expressing excitement in the comment section. They can’t wait to see Khan’s mind-blowing performance.

The top comments for Adnan Khan on bagging Prachand Ashoka:

Super excited ❤️ waiting waiting waiting prachand aashka ❤️

Waah Adnan 🔥🔥🔥 .. I know u will shine brighter… all the best to Mallika too 😍😍

Congratulations @adnan_a_khan I know you’re gonna rule hearts with your utmost hardwork and dedication ❤️. All the best! Lot’s of love.

All the best Adnan!!! You never fail to emote with your eyes

Actress Mallika Singh is all set to play Princess Kaurwaki. She is slaying in the teaser for the show. She is best known for essaying Radha in the Star Bhar show RadhaKrishn. In the upcoming character, she is expected to break her own image. Mallika is receiving an equally positive response. Fans are excited to experience another amazing role for Mallika. 

A social media user wrote, “Mallika singh supremacy..her expressions her dialogue ❤️”

Can’t wait to see you as kaurwaki

Mallika and Adnan’s show received backlash for its overdramatic portrayal. Still, fans can’t wait to see the rockstar performances of the professional actors. 

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