Actor Pravisht Mishra is ruling audience heart by playing the role of Yuvaan in ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’. The show is earning good ratings and is one of the top TV daily.

Show story is about Pravisht’s character Yuvaan who is especially abled. He found his calm in Banni. Yuvaan and Banni marry each other. Banni is a strong pillar in Yuvaan’s life. Character Yuvaan is fast making place in audience heart. All thanks to Pravisht. The way he is bringing the life to Yuvaan, actor is leaving fans speechless.

Pravisht has already proved his acting mettle in colors show Barrister Babu. As Anirudh he earned a separate fan base. Anirudh is still cherished by the Pravisht fans. Barrister Babu made Mishra a household name. Young actor was equally flawless as Anirudh. He nailed the sequences in social issue based show Barrishter Babu.

Coming back to Yuvaan, Pravisht yet again is leaving no chance to paint the character spotlessly. He is making heart skip while portraying the trauma scene. Audience sympathizes with such character. Pravisht surely pulling audience with his acting nuisances.

The current episodes are entertaining and focusing on Yuvaan’s journey of becoming a rockstar. Banni is giving her support to Yuvaan to the best. Yuvaan managed to clear the important round. His singing skill received praise. Pravisht was too good while performing this sequence. His on-point acting seizes heart.

Moving on Yuvaan is asked to do a photoshoot with a model for an advertisement. Agastya turned positive towards Yuvaan. Yuvaan struggled to dance with the model. Banni comes for Yuvaan’s rescue Agastya somewhere has started developing a feelings for Banni. Will this lead to Yuvaan and Banni’s separation? Time will only tell.

For now fans enjoying the mind blowing performance of Pravisht followed by Ulka Gupta and Arijit Taneja. The star cast of Banni Chow Home Delivery managed to hit 100 successful episodes. And we all are sure more to come. Pravisht is already rocking in the show. No one other than him would have played Yuvaan deeply.

Share with us if you all are enjoying Pravisht and Yuvaan. Anirudh or Yuvaan which is your favorite character played by Mishra? Tell us in the comment box below.

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