Colors TV Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, will soon witness Harman and Saumya’s separation with Saumya leaving Harman’s house forever.

So far in the story, Saumya is worries and tensed because of Preeto. Saumya and Harman unknowingly brings Nihaal Singh at their house without knowing that he is Preeto’s ex-husband. Preeto losses her cool at Saumya and blames her for bringing him back. Saumya asks forgiveness from Preeto and Preeto asks her to send Nihaal Singh back to the place. Saumya says to Preeto that he has little time left and Preeto says she is a good actor and wants everyone to praise her. Preeto goes from there leaving Saumya tensed. Harman tries to console Saumya and asks her to rest for some time however; she continues feeling blue about Preeto being mad at her. Harman too yells at Saumya and she cries. Later, Preeto asks Nihaal to leave her house and Nihaal blames Preeto for ruining his life. Nihaal says to Preeto that from the beginning she is just throwing out from the house. Preeto gets angry and says he was impotent and people were blaming her that she can’t give birth to a child. She says she did right by asking him to leave the house. Nihaal says I too gave option to adopt the child but she didn’t agreed then how she accepted a Trans-gender as her DIL. Preeto says my son has a guts to confront in front of villagers to accept the truth which he don’t have but Nihaal’s words shocked her when he blamed Preeto for already having an affair with Harak Singh. Harman grabs his collar and asks him to leave.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Nihaal Singh passes away at the doorstep of the house leaving Preeto stunned. Shanno cries loudly to gather people around but when Saumya tries to support her, Preeto will push her away and later, Harman too will get angry at Saumya taking his mother side. Saumya will leave the house along with her son.

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