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The episode starts with Akansha calling Anu to come out to meet her friend Arya. She doesn’t get any response. She goes inside. She praises Anu’s look in her gifted saree. She brings Anu to the hall. Anu covers her face. Chaya turns off the power. Akansha introduces Anu as Radha to Arya. Arya tells Anu and he and her daughter get closer in a short time. Akansha asks Anu to cut the cake and give the sweets prepared by her to Arya. Arya says it’s not to celebrate a birthday in darkness. He says he will come another time. He asks Anu about her husband. Abhay lies that his father lives in a foreign. Anu tries to stop him. Arya says he can understand the struggles of a single mother. He asks her to take his help when she feels need of help. He leaves from there. Akansha goes with him to drop him near the car.

Arya asks Akansha if she is happy. Akansha says she is happy. Akanksha stops Arya from leaving and says to Arya that she is feeling sad when he is leaving and says it will be good if he stays with her. Arya kisses Akanksha on her forehead. Anu sees all this from the window. Arya tells Akansha that she can call him whenever she wants to meet him. He sends her inside and leaves from there.

Mansi tells Chaya that Arya and Akansha share a great bond without knowing that they are father and daughter. Chaya says she will marry Arya before Akansha reunites Arya and Anu so they can take revenge on Arya.

At home, Arya tells Zende that Anu likes Krishnastami so arranges a Radha and Krishna get-up competition at Srinagar where Anjali spotted Anu. Zende agrees.

Kids ask Anu to feed them food. Anu says she will feed them after finishing their dresses for Krishnastami. Akansha tells her about the competition her friends are going to attend. Anu calls Akansha’s friend’s mother and gets to know about the competition. Anu also registers for her kids using their fake names. Anu feeds food to Kids and tells them that they need to win. Kids tells Anu that they will win the competition. Abhay feeds food to his mother.

The next day, Zende asks Mohan to inform him if anyone named Anuradha comes to the competition with twins. Mohan agrees. Anu and her kids come to the competition. Anu praises the look of her kids.

Episode ends.

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