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The episode starts with Jalandhar threatening Suguna that he will kill her along with her whole family if he has to for that land. Usha says to Jalandhar that they will not give in to his threats and asks Jalandhar to find her brother if he has the guts. Suguna also asks Jalandhar to come tomorrow at the same time to meet her son. Jalandhar agrees and challenges Suguna that he will get her son’s signature right infront of her.

Arya is shown to be talking with his staff about his new project. Arya gets a call from Suguna and he goes to take it.

Suguna asks Arya what is he doing? Arya says to Suguna that he came to buy groceries. Suguna asks Arya to buy some extra groceries as they got an order. Arya agrees and notes down the extra list of groceries. Suguna later asks Arya to come home soon. Arya agrees.

Anjali praises Arya. Zende later says they should continue the meeting. Arya after the meeting goes in his car.

Arya gets a call from Akanksha. Akanksha says to Arya that she would like to meet him. Arya agrees. Akanksha says she will come to him along with Abhay. Arya agrees.

Abhay and Akanksha act infront of Anu saying that Akanksha forgot his homework book with Swetha. Anu asks Akanksha to go and get the book by going to Swetha’s house. Akanksha agrees.

Mansi sees Arya meeting his kids and thinks if Arya gets close to the kids then he might find out they are his kids. Akanksha and Abhay seek Arya’s aid in finding their father. Akanksha and Abhay request Arya to find their father. Arya agrees and promises to them that he will find their father. Arya later feeds pani Puri to Abhay and Akanksha. Divya sees it and thinks Arya is looking like Surya.

Chaya Devi calls Mansi and asks Mansi if she found out what happened? Mansi says she hasn’t found anything. Mansi later gets shocked seeing Arya again disguising himself as a poor person and says Chaya Devi about it.

Episode ends.

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