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The episode starts with Arya seeing the customers who mocked Usha. Arya covers his face with a scarf.

Arya comes to them and starts beating them up. One of the guys breaks a beer bottle and tries to stab Arya but he defends himself and beats them up. Arya later leaves from there.

Akanksha asks Anu why does she say sometimes that they should sleep outside like this. Anu says if they sleep like this looking at the moon then they can get a good sleep. Abhay asks Anu to tell them a story. Anu agrees and tells them a story.

Suguna says to Arya that she can sleep peacefully today as he finally returned home. Arya asks Suguna to go and sleep inside. Suguna also asks Arya to sleep inside. Arya says he will sleep outside.

Anu thinks of the time when Anu was together with Arya Vardhan. Anu is shown to be doing a head massage to Arya to relive his stress. Arya compliments Anu’s smile and his stress will go away if he sees her smile. Arya later teases Anu saying someone is looking at them. Anu thinks it’s a woman who has eye on Arya. Anu hugs Arya to make her feel jealous. Arya makes Anu kiss him. Arya shows the moon to Anu and says it is jealous of her. Anu feels shy hearing this.

Anu is shown to be praying to God and wishes that this Pooja will be done without any hiccups.

Arya asks her kids if she prepared everything for her. Akanksha says yes. Akanksha later writes turmeric to Anu’s legs and asks Akanksha to take this bag and go to take Biksha. Anu asks the kids to eat the food as it’s on the table. The kids also ask Anu to go and come back quickly. Anu agrees.

Akanksha makes a suggestion to Abhay that they can do designs in the Pooja room before Anu comes back. Abhay agrees.

Akanksha gets on the cabinet to get design papers. Akanksha accidentally pull a lot of things down. Abhay decides to put them back. Akanksha finds a locket chain and she decides to keep it. Abhay opens the locket chain and finds kids photos in it. It is shown Arya gifts a locket chain to Anu. Anu sees that it is her and Arya’s childhood photos in the locket. Anu thanks Arya for the gift.

Akanksha and Abhay come to the conclusion that it’s their parents childhood photos. Abhay thinks how will they find father with this photo. Abhay later asks Akanksha to keep this locket chain safe. Akanksha agrees and wears it around her neck.

Episode ends.

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