Welcome to the fantasy land, probably one of the first of its kind prime channel on Indian Television. The story revolves around a fairy tale of Jinn and his adventures but with a twist. The Jinn here is unlike Allahdin. And a fairy of 1200 years old doing narration of story. 

So, what we have here is affluent Nawab Aman (Vikram Singh Chauhan) who is going to get married. Normalcy doesn’t happen to this Nawab normally. He uses magic to do even tiniest of job like shoe polish. Grandmom is like any other grandmother with tons of love for his grandson but with a secret. A secret that why his grandson is able to work with magic. So, does his mom. They don’t tell him that he is under a spell of a Jinn who will take something in return of the magic which he did for his father. Aman also has one pet eagle who is always around. 

On, the other hand we met Roshini (Aditi Sharma), beautiful courtesan with angel’s heart and who dreams of owning a bakery. Now, the twist is they met in a mosque, as usual they fight, as usual girl said something pinching and as usual boy hurts physically. But what unusual is the Aman crashes Roshni’s car upside down tattered to pieces. Well, it’s fantasy, anything is expected. 

Two villains in the first episode are revealed. One is Aman’s father (Sushant Singh Rajput) who has done unforgivable things for his selfish motives like a plane crash, offering an infant to the tides in a box who is Roshini now. Another one is Jinn himself who is after Aman for reasons unknown yet. Mother and grandmother hate Aman’s father and fear Jinn as they are counting the three signs of him coming. 

Aman stops the damage Jinn is doing the mosque through the pet eagle which turned into a wand unknowingly while Roshini helps people escape. 

The show has its own charm if you believe in fairytales and fantasies. It has the delight of dream world. Sets are extravagant and dreamy. It’s a new setting and not seen before. While watching, you gradually get transported in the world of Allahdin and Jinn. 

Performance wise, Vikram Singh Chauhan and Aditi Sharma impresses. They look great together and have a sparkling chemistry. Smita Bansal as mother and Sushant Singh Rajput as evil father fits in their role. 

This show has a potential to come out with flying colors if makers give a proper treatment to the subject. We have seen many stories in Hollywood on this kind of subject like. Hollywood films like The Beauty and the Beast or Cindrella were accepted by everyone because of the way makers have made the film. Once Upon A Time show which is successfully streaming on Netflix is another example of modern and fairytale mix which runs till seven seasons with a much deserved character growth and the method such shows are dealt. 

However, if the show turns out to be usual show like any other Indian TV shows and comes with episodes with same plotting of consiparies and kitchen politics then it will be a sheer waste of talents like Vikram and Aditi. Makers have to decide whether they really want to make a cult and history with this show or make the show, a history. 

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