Prithvi's revelation shocks Sherlyn: Kundali Bhagya Spoiler
Prithvi's revelation shocks Sherlyn: Kundali Bhagya Spoiler

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Zee tv popular show Kundali Bhagya is all set for a major turning point in their show. Earlier its seen that, Rakhi greets Sarla and says she was waiting for her only because she is really worried about Krithika’s marriage preparations. Sarla assures her saying Preeta and Sristy will handle everything because they had worked for so many marriages and tells her to not worry.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she saw movement from Mahesh and he says he too noticed that and says he will make sure that Mahesh never wakes up from coma. He shares his plan with Sherlyn and Mahira. Kritika selects outfit for Prithvi. But Prithvi finalize the one Sherlyn selected for him saying he wants to impress the ones who are against their marriage. Rishabh meets Karan and Sameer gets happy seeing Rishabh. Prithvi mocks Janki.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that, Kritika tells Rishabh that she will marry Prithvi no matter what and if anyone tried to stop her then she will commit suicide. Karan, Sameer and Rishabh shocks hearing her. Sherlyn and Prithvi overhears their conversation and he tells her that he just gave one lakh rupee to those goons to trouble Kritika in Chandigarh. Sherlyn shocks hearing him.

Will Mahira successfully inject dangerous medicine to Mahesh? Will Rishabh able to convince Kritika?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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