Successful TV show producer Manish Goswami has been in the industry for 23 years and has produced several hit shows like Parampara, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, Chashme Baddoor, Kittie Party, Kittu Sub Jaanti Hai, Aandhi, Aisa Desh Hai Mera and several others. He has weathered several storms and has perfected the art of making quality content which appeal to masses and classes alike. In a recent interview, Manish, who is a member of the Producers Guild, spoke about his latest TV show Dil Dekhe Dekho.

Manish said, “The show is about romance. Viewers can watch three different generations expressing love for their partners. I am sure the show will definitely bring smile on viewers’ faces.”

With more than two decades of experience, Manish revealed the secret of making a hit show. He said, “Making a successful TV show is 50 percent casting and 50 percent writing. Casting and writing goes hand-in-hand. If your casting is perfect, half the battle is won. And later, keep the viewers hooked with your writing.”

About the changing face of TV, the creator says while several things have been altered in the industry, some truths still prevail, “I have seen the industry change over time. TV shows then and now are very different. From writing style to budget to direction, everything has evolved. But yes, even if time moves ahead, content will still remain the king. Good shows might take time to pick up but they survive. Earlier, there was freedom of creativity which has been lost since few years now due to tough competition. Making a TV show is like giving birth to a child. The child should be nourished properly if you want a healthy kid. But at the end, it’s about ratings. TV is a completely rating driven market,” says Manish.

A very effective method that the veteran producer has employed over time is that he prefers working with good actors rather than stars. “Eventually it is the actors who can deliver. Stars might not be able to pull up the show but actors will easily do it. That’s the reason people prefer working more with theatre actors. They know their job well,” he explains.

A disciplinarian, Manish rightly believes that associations like the Producers Guild and CINTAA have helped maintain fairness in the industry, “There is discipline that has come in force. producers and actors know their responsibilities. Actors once sign a project, cannot think of violating the contract. Producers have also noticed a more peaceful and positive aura on the sets. Respect stays intact and payments are also made on time,” he says.

So how does the multitasking owner of Sidhant Cinevision unwind? “I am a happily married man blessed with a son. I am a very low profile man. My ideal time is always with my family. I make sure to plan a trip with my family at least once a year. I like to watch movies and plays, and avoid late night parties.”
With such a sorted attitude towards work, are we going to see more quality shows coming our way soon? “Of course yes! I am working on a new show but I can’t divulge more details now,” he signs off.