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The episode starts with Bapodhara and Pushpa announcing that they are going to keep a dustbin outside so that theu could dump their waste their which would be taken for recycling. They add that it could bring cleanliness inside the chawl. Pushpa appreciates Bapodhara’s work and asks them to clap hands for it. They does and one among them says that all these reforming is possible only after Dileep’s entry. They give hands for him too irking Bapodhara and Pushpa. Dileep acts good in front of them and leaves while Bapodhara mocks Dileep. Pushpa asks him to let it go.

Sonal and Manish visits Pushpa’s house and Pushpa greets them. She sends Chirag to buy ena ks for them but finds that she don’t have the money. She asks him to get in loan while she would pay later without them knowing it. Pushpa complaints about Rashi’s behaviour to them and they both sympathise with her. Sonal asks about Pushpa’s decision to move to flat but Pushpa says that she feels comfortable in chawl. She suggests for only Ashwin and Deepti to move but Sonal reminds her that she could get freed from Dileep’s torture. Pushpa says there’s no guarantee that he won’t move there too and decides to face it .

Pushpa shares with Kaku about Rashi and her decision to not move to flat. Kaku appreciates her that both are right decision given the fact that they can’t keep running away from Dileep. Dileep calls Rashi to offer help to her in throwing the party and Rashi asks him not to call him. She says her mother won’t like it and she can’t ignore him too. Bapodhara traps Baskar too by offering him to take insurance for his employees from him. Baskar also gets happy. He overhears Baskar’s conversation with Ashwin and learns that they are buying a flat from Super Life Constructions. He confirms that the company is about to be blacklisted but still let Ashwin proceed with it .

Deepti and Ashwin were present at Super Life Constructions and Dileep’s manager offers them a very good offer and they accept it. Rashi shares with her friends about her father arranging for a private screening for them and dinner for them. They all gets excited. Dileep thinks that slowly his revenge is getting fulfilled as Chirag would get Prarthana because of him and Rashi is already influenced by the modern life. He thinks the flat would bring Ashwin’s downfall and gets him closer to him. Rashi writes on her diary about how she feels blessed to be a billionaire daughter. Pushpa feels bad for Rashi.

Next day, Rashi gets feared about Pushpa finding about her plans. Rashi invites his family to see the flat but Rashi and Chirag makes excuse. Pushpa thinks that she can’t say about her staying in the chawl as if now and asks about token amount that has to be paid. Ashwin says it’s 15 lakh and Pushpa offers to lend her savings too.

Precap: Dileep says Pushpa that he sent Rashi to enjoy movie and nothing wrong there. Pushpa notices Rashi’s picture on the wall and asks about it. Dileep says that she’s his daughter and he will keep both Ashwin and Chirag’s picture too. Pushpa is about to break it but Deepti and Rashi stops her. Pushpa asks Rashi to decide between her and Dileep and asks with whom she wants to stay.

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