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The episode starts with Pushpa and Juggal coming to Dr Jai Kamat’s house. Pushpa and Juggal see that the house is locked. Pushpa and Juggal ask a passerby if he knows where they can meet Jai Kamat as his house is locked. The passer by says Jai Kamat doesn’t leave the house and says he might be inside. Pushpa and Juggal see if there is a back door. Pushpa and Juggal see there is smoke coming out of the house and they ask nearby people for help. Pushpa sees no people are coming to help them. Pushpa and Juggal get water to put out the fire. Jai Kamat takes a bucket of water and goes into the house. Pushpa and Juggal think who is he.

Pushpa and Juggal meet Satya the guy who brings groceries for Jai Kamat. Satya says he is Jai Kamat. Pushpa comments on herself as they couldn’t identify Jai Kamat that is right infront of them. Pushpa asks Jai Kamat if they can meet Jai Kamat. Satya says it is not possible as Jai Kamat only meets people on Wednesday and Thursday.

Prarthna comes to Rashi and asks Rashi if she likes Saran. Rashi asks Prarthna why would she think like that. Prarthna says to Rashi that she saw her looking at Saran’s profile. Rashi says Saran asked her to make a brochure for him that’s why she is looking at his photos and profile. Prarthna agrees and leaves from there.

Satya meets Jai Kamat and gives him groceries. Satya after talking to Jai Kamat leaves from there.

Pushpa gets an idea on how to meet Jai Kamat.

Prarthna while going on the auto with Chirag says to Chirag that she thinks Rashi is infatuated with Saran. Chirag says to Prarthna that she is thinking too much. Prarthna gets into an argument with Chirag. Prarthna gets down from the auto. Chirag goes after her.

Prarthna gets into an auto and leaves from there. Chirag tries to stop Prarthna and pulls her Dupatta. Prarthna’s auto leaves from there. A constable arrests Chirag thinking he is Eve teasing Prarthna.

Pushpa acts as Durga and to meet Jai Kamat. Jai Kamat says to Pushpa that she shouldn’t have behaved like this and comments on her. Pushpa shows Raja’s file to Jai Kamat.

Chirag tries to explain to Constable that Prarthna is his wife and he is son in law of Bapodara but the constable doesn’t listen to him.

Rashi meets Saran who came after his trip and asks him if she can make his brochure. Saran agrees.

Pushpa and Juggal come into Jai Kamat’s house and sees that there are experiments going on in this house. Jai Kamat says he will not be able to help them and says he doesn’t have the confidence to do it. Jai Kamat’s assistant says after Dr Karnik’s death Jai Kamat’s only life is goal is to find a cure for that tumour. Pushpa and Juggal leave from there.

Pushpa says she thinks Jai Kamat will do the operation. Jai Kamat stops them when they are about to leave.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa asks Rashi and others what did they do today. Rashi says how Chirag nearly went to jail due to a petty fight in betweeen Chirag and Prarthna. Bapodara comes and says if he hasn’t gone on time to the police station then Chirag would have wasted a year. Bapodara asks Prarthna what was the reason for their fight. Prarthna says they were fighting about Rashi. Rashi worries that Prarthna will tell the truth to Pushpa.

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