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The episode starts with Pushpa and Juggal coming to the police station. Pushpa looks at Dilip behind bars. Pushpa says to Dilip that he will never change. Dilip apologises to Pushpa and says he didn’t have a choice beside doing this. Pushpa asks Dilip if he has any other intention in surrendering to the cops. Dilip says he doesn’t have any other intention. Dilip says he would like to meet his children before going to jail.

Pushpa calls Ashwin and says to Ashwin that Dilip is in jail and asks Ashwin to bring all the family members here to the police station. Ashwin agrees.

Ashwin says to Rashi that Dilip is in jail. Rashi leaves with the rest of the family to meet Dilip in the police station.

Rashi asks Dilip where was he and says he nearly sent Juggal to jail thinking he is dead. Rashi asks Dilip if he knew what happened here till now. Dilip says he is only alive because of Juggal and says if Juggal hadn’t pushed him that day he will be dead.

Tejaswi says to Pushpa that they will see what punishment Dilip will get in the court tomorrow and says they can meet Dilip tomorrow. Pushpa family agrees and leaves from there.

Rashi says to Radha that Dilip is alive. Rashi complaints to God that he gave Dilip back but he sent Dilip to jail. Swara comforts Rashi. Pushpa leaves to the hospital.

Pushpa meets Bapodara in the hospital. Bapodara says he learnt that Dilip is alive and comments on it saying Dilip has 9 lives like a cat. Pushpa comments on it. Pushpa asks Bapodara to take rest. Bapodara says he has to do mend his mistake. Bapodara asks Pushpa to bring Juggal and Rukmani and they will think about what they have to do later.

Rashi thanks Juggal as if he hasn’t saved Dilip that day then Dilip wouldn’t be alive. Rashi also apologises to Juggal. Juggal asks Rashi to think twice before taking a decision in a situation. Rashi agrees.

The police says to Dilip that he was punished with 3 months life sentence. Dilip thinks Santosh is in this jail.

Pushpa talks with Rashi and says Dilip is giving himself a second chance by surrendering to the cops and hopes that he will use that chance well.

Pushpa family prays to God.

Dilip looks around for Santosh in the jail. Santosh notices Dilip in jail and hides from him. Dilip doesn’t notice Santosh.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Dilip comes to Santosh and says to Santosh that he came here to kill him and he asks Santosh to count his days.

Dilip in the canteen throws a knife at Santosh to kill him.

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