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The episode starts with Santosh learning from his man that Prakash might not have escaped from the hall. Santosh hearing this suspects that Dilip might be acting like he is dead again. Santosh comes to the prosecutor and says that he would like to tell him something. The prosecutor agrees.

Prarthna sees that Susheela’s BP is really high. Prarthna asks Susheela to calm herself down and says she should not be stressed about the baby. Susheela says she will try.

The prosecutor asks Santosh to come to the stand. Santosh takes the stand. Santosh says to the Judge about his friendship with Dilip. Santosh says to the Judge that he has a recording of him and Dilip and he would like the Judge to hear it. In the audio recording Dilip says to Santosh that Juggal has become a thorn in his way and and he needs to figure out a way to get Juggal out of his way. The Judge says he will announce the decision after a break.

Pushpa’s lawyer asks Pushpa’s family why haven’t they told him about this. Ashwin says he doesn’t know about it.

The women’s party leader calls Rukmani and warns Rukmani that if she is involved in the fire behind Savi Veena restaurant then she will be considered a traitor and she should know the consequences of traitor. Rukmani says yes.

The Judge after taking a break announces his decision that Juggal will not be granted bail. The Judge asks the police to file a case against Juggal.

Pushpa calls Devi Singh and asks her to come to India as she is in dire need of her help. Devi Singh she is on the way and says she will be there by the next court hearing. Pushpa thanks Devi.

Ashwin and Chirag ask Santosh what did he do. Santosh says he played the recording at the right time to punish his friend’s murderer. Ashwin and Chirag say that they think Juggal hasn’t done anything like that. Santosh comments on it and leaves from there.

Pushpa family talks about what happened. Pushpa says to Rashi that due to her statement Juggal is behind bars. Rashi says she only told the truth and leaves from there.

Pushpa thinks where did Santosh come from. Ashwin says he brought him there but they don’t know that he has that recording.

Sonal calls Deepti and asks Deepti to send Swara to her house until this case is over. Deepti agrees.

Pushpa comes to Rashi that they are not against her. Rashi comments on it and says this time also she is fighting for dad alone.

Episode ends.

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