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The episode starts with Somnath questioning Pushpa about his relationship with Juggal. Somnath later comments on Pushpa and Juggal’s relationship.

Devi later starts her argument. Devi says to the Judge that Somnath has made Sai Villa restaurant fire into Juggal and Dilip’s jealousy and comments on it. Devi says to the Judge that there are two different cases going on. Devi says they have to find out the person who is responsible for the fire in Sai villa restaurant. Devi says to the Judge that the fire was started from outside and this fire is not accident but it was intentional. Devi says according to the forensic report the fire was intentional and there are a lot of finger prints on the kerosene bottles and those fingerprints match none of the people inside the restaurant.

Devi later asks Mahindra and Bapodara about Juggal’s character. Both of them say that Juggal is very helpful to the Chawl people and say that he is a very nice guy.

Devi later asks Santosh to come to the stand. Santosh takes the stand. Devi asks Santosh if he knows about Juggal. Santosh says he knows about Juggal from Dilip. Devi hearing this says to the Judge that Santosh doesn’t know about Juggal and says what he said is inadmissable in court as it was Santosh own assumption and nothing more than that.

Devi later calls Aravind to the stand. Aravind says to the court how good of a guy is Juggal as Viren killed Juggal’s wife. Aravind says if Juggal wanted he could have killed Viren but he didn’t do it. Aravind says he is sure Juggal can’t kill anyone and says sometimes eyes can see something wrong. Aravind leaves from there. Pushpa takes Aravind blessings.

Devi questions Pushpa about Juggal’s character. Pushpa says Juggal is a great guy and praises him.

Devi later calls Santosh to the stand again and asks Santosh to tell everyone what Dilip told him about Juggal. Santosh says Dilip told him that Juggal is such a nice guy that no matter how much he tries he will not get Pushpa. Devi hearing this says to the Judge that Dilip thought of Juggal as a thorn not the other way around.

Devi later asks Rashi to come to the witness stand. Devi reminds Rashi that Juggal put his life on the line and saved many people. Devi asks Rashi if she thinks Juggal is a good guy.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Devi asks Ridhi to come to the witness stand.

Chirag calls Ridhi and asks her where is she. Ridhi says she will reach in 2 min. Ridhi gets abducted by Santosh men.

Devi asks Pushpa about Ridhi and says Ridhi is very important for this case.

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