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The episode starts with Sonal thinking this situation is really weird as Pushpa is supporting Juggal and Rashi is supporting Dilip. Pushpa comments on it. Sonal says Swara will stay in their home until then. Swara doesn’t agree to it at first but she later agrees and leaves from there.

Devi asks Rohit to find out about Santosh. Ashwin says to Devi that he would like to tell her what he knows about Santosh. Devi agrees. Ashwin says to Devi about Santosh. Devi says she feels that something isn’t right with Santosh. Devi asks Pushpa if Dilip ever told him about Santosh. Pushpa says no. Devi says it is not that easy to get Juggal out of jail as Rashi is the eyewitness. Devi says to Pushpa that she will meet her later at the Chawl. Pushpa agrees and leaves from there.

Bapodara is shown to be enjoying eating Upma with his wife. Ramesh comes to Bapodara and says to Bapodara that he only has 5 min to eat Upma. Bapodara asks Ramesh if he will tell him what to do. Ramesh reminds Bapodara that’s why he hired him.

Swara asks Manish about adoption and means that Deepti and Ashwin are going to adopt her.

Santosh learns from his men that Devi Singh is handling the case of Juggal. Santosh says the police got the finger prints on the Kerosene bottle and asks them not to get caught by the police. Santosh thinks Dilip is still alive. A rock gets thrown at Santosh with a note around it. Santosh reads the note and on it is written that now it is his turn. Santosh reading the message thinks Dilip is alive and he sent this message.

Devi Singh meets Pushpa. Devi Singh says to Pushpa that what happened in the restaurant and what happened outside the restaurant are two different cares. Devi Singh says if they catch the person who lit the fire outside then this case will take a new turn. Devi Singh says to Rashi that she will try to save an innocent person.

In the court, Devi talks with Tejaswi about the case. Tejaswi asks Devi to prove that Juggal is innocent and they will leave him. Devi agrees.

Somnath the prosecutor greets Devi and says it is his pleasure to fight against her in this case. Devi comments on it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- The judge says after hearing both sides arguments it is confirmed that Juggal intentionally pushed Dilip into the fire.

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