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The episode starts with Devi asking Rashi if Juggal is a good guy as he put his life on the line to save others. Rashi reluctantly agrees that Juggal is a good guy. Devi asks Rashi if it is true that she asked Juggal for help to get Dilip and Pushpa. Rashi says yes and he also helped her. Devi asks Rashi if she thinks Juggal is capable of killing Dilip. Rashi says no but she can’t deny what she saw with her own eyes. Devi questions Rashi if Juggal helped Dilip in getting close to Pushpa. Rashi says yes.

Somnath later argues in the court saying Juggal left Dilip to die and it is a fact.

The court says the next hearing will be tomorrow.

In the night, Ridhi overhears Santosh talking with his men asking them to be careful and says their finger prints are on the kerosene bottles. Ridhi later calls Chirag and asks him to meet her.

Devi comes to Pushpa’s house and says to Pushpa that Chirag called her here. Chirag brings Ridhi to Devi. Ridhi says to Devi Singh what she overheard in between Santosh and his men. Devi Singh after hearing it confirms that Santosh is the one who torched the hotel. Devi asks Ridhi to come to court tomorrow to testify. Ridhi agrees. Devi asks everyone to make sure Santosh doesn’t know about their plan.

The next day, Ridhi is shown to be being late to court as she wanted to get the recording of her and Santosh. Chirag says to Devi that Ridhi is on the way.

Devi tries to buy time in the court by calling Santosh to the stand and asking him about how Dilip faked his death in Hyderabad jail and says he could have done the same thing here. Devi also reminds the dead body’s DNA is inconclusive. Somnath says she doesn’t have any proof to prove that Juggal doesn’t have any motive. Devi comments on it. Devi later says she would like to call a witness who will tell them how the fire spread in Sai villa restaurant and that is Ridhi. The judge agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap:- the court finds Juggal guilty.

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