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Sony SAB’s popular Show Pushpa Impossible Is Witnessing An Interesting Track where, Radha’s revelation shocks Pushpa.

As reported earlier, Pushpa says to Radha that she has to tell her something. Pushpa sees Radha has taken out something. Radha says these are Pranav’s ashes. Pushpa gets shocked learning Radha took out Pranav’s ashes. Pushpa asks Radha if she knew about it.

Radha says to Pushpa how she was sick that day and how he she later learned that Pranav was dead from the cops. Pushpa asks Radha why didn’t she tell anyone about it. Radha comments on it. Radha says she found Mithalika and Varsha on Mithalika’s birthday and says it felt like Pranav asked her to take care of Varsha and Mithalika. Pushpa asks Radha why didn’t she tell about this. Radha comments on it. Radha gives her reason for doing it.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Pushpa and others are shown to be in a party. Ramesh learns about some bad news. Ramesh says to Bapodara and later Pushpa. Bapodara and Pushpa leave the party. Ashwin and Deepti ask Ramesh if they saw Pushpa and Bapodara. Ramesh tells them what happened.

What will happen next?

What is the bad news that disturbed Pushpa and Bapodara?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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