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Sab Tv popular show Pushpa currently focuses on Dileep’s comeback in Pushpa and her kids’ life as Dharam Raidhan.

Previously we have seen that, Bapodhara asked Susheela to find about what’s happening at Pushpa’s place and Susheela went to know about the same. Pushpa agreed to say when the time permit. She looked up on net about bone marrow as mentioned by DCP. Vasundhara asked for an option to save Dharam.

Doctor said that there is only one option and that’s bone marrow donor. He said that it can be only blood related. Vasundhara visited Pushpa house to request her while Pushpa got shocked to see her. She explained the situation to Pushpa.

Mansi also called Ashwin to meet her. Vasundhara said Pushpa that there might not be any relation between them now but once there was in the past. She pleaded her to consider helping him for their past relation. Mansi pleaded Ashwin to not let her go through the same pain as his and save her father.

She said that she had no option and he is her last hope and pleaded him to help her. Both Pushpa and Ashwin turned them down not ready to help Dharam at any cost. Mansi and Vasundhara left dejected.

Vasundhara swore to save Dharam at any cost and planned to use Chirag for it. Bapodhara got doubtful of Chirag and Prarthana’s relationship. Sonal planned to hire Ashwin a s Chief Designer in her about to open interior designing.

In the future episodes we will witness, Vasundhara will indirectly try to get bone marrow from Chirag and will send her secretary to get bone marrow donation from Chirag without mentioning Dileep’s name.

Her secretary will approach him for the same but Chirag will turn him down. Secretary will lure Chirag using money and Chirag gets into thinking company.

Will Dharam manage to escape? Will Vasundhara see Dileep’s true face ? Will Dileep pay for his crimes?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
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