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The episode starts with Shakti and Kashyap family come into Shiv’s room and they don’t find him in the room. A servant comes and says to Shakti that Shiv is standing on the balcony wall.

Shakti and Kashyap family see Shiv standing on the balcony wall and they worry for him. Raghunath asks Shiv to get down. Shiv says he has to jump from here as he hurt Bhagwati and if doesn’t punish himself then Bhagwati will not get cured. Shiv is about to jump off the balcony. Bhagwati stops Shiv and says she is here fine. Shiv says if he hurts others then he also needs to hurt himself only then will Bholenath forgive him. Shakti thinks someone tricked Shiv. It is shown Mandira is the one who comes to Shiv and says to Shiv that he needs to hurt himself only then will Bhagwati get cured quickly and Bholenath will forgive him. Shiv agrees.

Mandira thinks once Shiv jumps off the balcony he will directly go to Bholenath.

Kishore convinces Dharam to elope with Koyal. Kishore says once he gets married to Koyal, Manorama will not have a choice beside accepting Dharam and Koyal. Dharam agrees. Kishore asks Dharam to tie him up and says to Dharam that they need to make Manorama believe that Kishore tried to stop Dharam. Dharam agrees. Dharam ties up Kishore and takes his blessing and leaves from there.

Shiv says he will jump from here and says only then will Bhagwati get cured. Shakti says to Shiv that if he tries to jump off the balcony she will also jump off the balcony after him. Shiv asks Shakti not to do it. Nandu and Servant break the door and they get Shiv down from the balcony wall.

Shakti mocks Mandira and says to Mandira that once again her plan failed. Shakti comments on Mandira and asks Mandira to pack her bags as soon she will be out of this house.

Manorama returns home and she finds Kishore tied up. Manorama learns from Kishore that Dharam tied him up and ran away to do marriage with Koyal. Manorama unties Kishore and thinks Dharam betrayed her.

Shakti asks Shiv what was he doing trying to jump off the balcony. Shi says to Shakti that because of her, he couldn’t jump off the balcony and he couldn’t atone for his sins. Bhagwati comments on Shiv. Shakti asks Nandu to take Shiv to his room. Bhagwati says she doesn’t understand what is going on. Shakti blames Mandira for all of it happening in the house. Mandira comments on it. Raghunath says this is not done by Mandira but by Gayatri’s soul. Shakti says Gayatri’s soul will come and expose Mandira’s deeds.

Episode ends.