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The episode starts with Babaji asking Shiv to leave from here right away if not he will die along with him his family will also die. Shiv says there are no things like curse and asks Babaji if he is doing all of this for money. Shakti says to Shiv that seeing all the strange things happening around them they should be careful. Shakti says they should also leave to home. Shiv agrees. Babaji asks Shiv Shakti not to turn back and leave this village.

Shiv Shakti leave in a car. Mohini asks Beera to allow them to leave saying they can’t do anything to them as they are protected by the sacred thread. Mohini asks Beera not to worry and says she will play such a game so that no sacred protection will save them.

Bhagwati is shown to be on her way to Shivpur. Shiv Shakti are about to leave Shivpur in a car but Shiv’s car runs into a car. Beera and Mohini are shown to be on that bike.

Shiv Shakti get down from the car and check both Beera and Mohini’s pulses. Shiv thinks how could the bike come here suddenly.

Bhagwati comes to Babaji. Babaji says to Bhagwati that she came too late. Babaji says to Bhagwati that Nagraj buried Mohini in a coffin for her mistake 25 years ago but now Mohini has been unsealed by Shiv. Babaji says to Bhagwati that now no one can save Shiv. Bhagwati begs Babaji to save Shiv. Babaji says he will try to stop Mohini by doing a Pooja and says to Bhagwati that she should not allow Mohini to step into the house and Bhagwati not to invite Mohini into the house at any cost. Bhagwati agrees.

Shiv Shakti decide to take Mohini and Beera to the temple so that they can ask the Babaji if there is any hospital nearby. Shiv Shakti take Mohini and Beera in their car to the temple.

Shiv Shakti try to take Beera step into the temple but Mohini warns Beera that he should not step into the temple as it is a sacred place.

Beera acts as if he is on his last breath. Shiv Shakti try to revive him. Beera says to Shiv Shakti that his time is coming to an end and he asks them to take Mohini away from here as the villagers are trying to hurt Mohini. Beera leaves his last breath. Shiv feels guilty for Beera’s death. Shakti says to Shiv that they should atleast save Mohini. Shiv Shakti take Mohini and leave from there.

Babaji is shown to be doing Pooja. Babaji asks Mahadev to protect Shiv Shakti.

Episode ends.