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The episode starts with Rimjim arguing with her parents that Shakti is bringing trouble to them by bringing Shiv here. Rimjim asks her parents to hand Shiv and Shakti over to the cops. The lady constable asks Manorama what is going on. Manorama comments on Rimjim and Shakti always arguing from when they were kids to the cops. The inspector asks Manorama why are all the glasses black in her house. Dharam and Manorama make up a reason for it. Manorama takes Rimjim away from there. Dharam distracts Koyal.

The inspector calls Mandira and says to Mandira that Shiv isn’t here. Mandira asks the inspector to search for Shiv again and says he should be in that room.

Manorama brings Rimjim to the room Shiv is hidden in and argues with her. Shiv feels suffocating as there is no air and bangs on the bed. Rimjim thinks where is the sound coming from. Manorama and Kishore try to send Rimjim away. Rimjim leaves the room. Shakti opens the secret compartment a little and puts her finger inside for the air to go. Shiv holds Shakti’s finger. Rimjim comes into the room again and argues with her parents saying she will not leave from here and she sits in the bed.

Rimjim argues with her parents. Manorama asks Rimjim to leave from here and pulls Rimjim away from the bed. Rimjim’s saree gets torn and she argues with Manorama about it. Manorama sees the cops inside her room. Rimjim notices the bed. Manorama slaps Rimjim and argues with her to get everyone’s attention. The cops says to Rimjim that he can arrest Manorama for slapping her. Rimjim says to the inspector she is not that bad of a daughter. The cops later leave from there.

Dharam is shown to be flirting with Koyal and distracts her.

Kishore after sending the cops away closes the door that Shiv is hidden in. Shakti brings Shiv out of the secret compartment. Rimjim seeing Shiv tries to shout for cops but Manorama closes her mouth and stops Rimjim.

Shakti sees that Shiv is not breathing so she asks her parents to leave the room to give CPR to Shiv. Shakti gives CPR and rescues Shiv. Shakti feels relieved seeing Shiv safe and sound.

Episode ends.