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The episode starts with Raghunath trying to convince Bhagwati to allow Shiv to go to mental asylum.

Shakti asks Shiv not to go take Raghunath’s words to heart. Shiv asks Shakti to allow him to go to mental asylum as everyone thinks he is bad. Shakti asks Shiv not to think like that. Shakti says he only accidentally pushed Bhagwati and not intentionally. Shakti comforts Shiv and says he will not go anywhere. Shakti overhears Raghunath saying that they have to take this decision for everyone’s safety. Shakti leaves from there and comes downstairs.

Shakti says Shiv will not go anywhere. Shakti asks Raghunath and Bhagwati if they even know how much Shiv is being traumatised as they are calling Shiv mad and they are talking about Shiv to sending mental asylum. Raghunath says to Shakti that he is blessed to have a daughter in law like her. Raghunath asks Shakti to allow Shiv to go to mental asylum and says she can also concentrate on her studies to be a doctor. Raghunath asks Shakti to stop putting halt on her life for Shiv. Shakti says to Raghunath that her whole life is Shiv. Mandira comments on it. Shakti makes a promise to Raghunath that Shiv will hurt no one and says she will make sure of it.

Manorama blames Koyal for turning Dharam against her and says she is really cunning. Koyal says if she was really cunning then she would have married Dharam and sent her photos of her marriage. Koyal says she doesn’t believe in getting married and running away and comments on it. Manorama decides to teach a lesson to Dharam. Manorama slaps Dharam with her slippers. Manorama also tries to slap Koyal but Dharam stops her. Kishore says she is responsible for all of it and asks Manorama to punish her. Manorama drops her slippers. Dharam and Kishore try to convince Manorama to accept Koyal.

Mandira and Padma talk about Shiv being a threat to this family and they make sure Shiv overhears their conversation. Mandira says to Padma that today he hurt Bhagwati and tomorrow he might hurt Shakti or Karthik. Mandira says it is best for everyone if Shiv goes to mental asylum. Shiv overhearing it thinks he should also go to mental asylum.

Manorama refuses to accept Koyal. Manorama says she will commit suicide. Manorama goes into the room and locks the door and says she will swallow all sleeping pills. Dharam breaks the door and thinks Manorama swallowed the sleeping pills. Manorama puts up an act as if she is going to die. Koyal spots the sleeping pills hidden under the blanket and shows it to Dharam and Kishore.

Shiv calls City mental asylum and asks them to take him away.

Episode ends.