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The episode starts with Shiv inviting Mohini into the house. Mohini thinks if Shiv invites her into the house for 7 times only then can she enter the house and bring bad luck along with her into Shiv’s life. Bhagwati thinks she has to make sure Shiv Shakti don’t bring anyone into their house. Mohini sees that Shiv has invited her 6 times and thinks if Shiv invites her one more time then she can enter this house and control Shiv’s life. Shiv says to Mohini that she will be safe in their house and he is about to invite Mohini into the house but Bhagwati comes to Shiv and scolds Shiv for going to Shivpur. Mohini sees Bhagwati and gets angry. Mohini breaks the bulb in anger. Shakti asks Mohini not to worry and she is about to invite Mohini into the house. Bhagwati recalls Babaji’s words and stops Shakti from inviting Mohini into the house and takes Shiv Shakti to aside.

Bhagwati asks Shakti who is that woman. Shiv Shakti say to Bhagwati that they hit Mohini and Beera with their car and says Beera died and now it is their responsibility to take care of Mohini. Bhagwati comments on Shiv and says to Shiv that person is not even human. Shiv asks Bhagwati what does she mean. Bhagwati thinks even if she told the truth Shiv will not believe her so instead she asks Shiv Shakti to keep Mohini in the hospital quarters and asks Shiv Shakti not to allow Mohini into the house as they know nothing about her.

Mohini sees Karthik and asks Karthik what will he say if he wants to invite someone into the house. Karthik invites Mohini into the house. Mohini thinks with this the seven invitations are over and she can enter the Kashyap Sadan. Mohini enters Kashyap Sadan.

Kamalnath asks Koyal not to worry and says to Koyal that Kanyadaan can be done after an hour. Dharam calls Koyal and says to Koyal that he is eager to see her but their wedding is getting postponed and comments on it. Koyal says their wedding has to be perfect even if it is delayed. Dharam agrees.

Bhagwati sees Mohini coming into the house and thinks who invited her into the house. Shakti thinks Karthik invited her into the house. Raghunath calls Bhagwati and asks Bhagwati to come quickly with Shiv Shakti as it is time for the auspicious time. Bhagwati agrees and leaves from there with Shiv Shakti.

The pandit asks Shiv Shakti to come toward to do the Kanyadaan. Shiv Shakti come forward and they do the Kanyadaan.

Bhagwati sees Mohini coming to the wedding venue. Bhagwati recalls Babaji’s words. Mohini asks Bhagwati if she needs anything. Bhagwati asks Mohini why isn’t she taking a rest as she got into an accident. Mohini says she will leave in awhile and says Karthik brought her here.

Episode ends.