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The episode starts with Shakti saying to Raghunath and Bhagwati that they are going to watch an interesting show. Shakti’s family beat up Keertan. Mandira tries to stop them. Manorama warns Mandira that if she tries to stop them then they will also beat her up. Nandu stops Mandira and Padma when they try to help Keertan. Bhagwati and Raghunath witness all of it.

Manorama stops her family and says if they beat Keertan up anymore they will go to jail instead of Keertan. Manorama asks Nandu to go and call the cops. The cops come and ask Manorama what happened. Manorama says Keertan fell down from stairs. Manorama asks the cops to take Keertan away from there. The cops take Keertan away.

Mandira challenges Shakti that she will get Keertan out of jail as she is the one who sent Keertan to jail. Shakti challenges Mandira that she will send Mandira to jail soon.

Mandira lashes out in her room thinking Shakti always destroys her plan. Kamalnath calms down Mandira and says to Mandira that they have to figure out a way to get Keertan out of jail. Mandira says now there is only one way to get Keertan out of jail and that is to make Shakti bow to her. Mandira says Shakti’s life is in Shiv and once she uses Shiv, Shakti will have no choice besides bowing to her and do everything that she tells Shakti.

Mandira overhears Shiv and Karthik’s conversation. Shiv says to Karthik that he will always keep the promises that he made to Shakti.

Manorama says to Bhagwati that she always want both of her daughters to be happy that’s why she married her daughters into this house and comments on it. Manorama says to Bhagwati that she would like to take both of her daughters to her home and she would also like to take Shiv to her home along with them so that Shiv will be safe from Mandira. Shakti says to Manorama that she is the one who taught her that they should not run away from a fight. Manorama hearing this asks Rimjim to pack her bags. Raghunath apologises to Sharma family that they couldn’t protect Rimjim as daughter in law but they would like to protect Rimjim as his daughter. Rimjim says to Manorama that she will stay here as if Shakti and Rimjim are together then no one will be able to do anything to them. Manorama agrees.

Koyal messages Dharam that she would like to talk to him. Dharam messages it is not possible as he is with his parents.

Dharam tries to start the car but he is not able to start the car. Koyal comes to Manorama and offers to drop them at their home. Manorama agrees.

Manorama and Kishore see Koyal and Dharam loving each other and thinks Koyal is finally in their team.

Shakti looks at Shiv laughing and feels happy. Shakti and Rimjim look around the house for Mandira but they don’t find her anywhere. Shiv says to Shakti that they need to eat food.

Shakti and Shiv feed food each other. Shakti has tears in her eyes with happiness. Shiv after eating food takes the plate away to clean it even when Shakti and Bhagwati’s say to to Shiv that it is not men’s job to do this. Shiv says men and women are equal so they can do this and leaves from there.

Shakti later think where has Mandira gone. Mandira meets Keertan in jail and says to Keertan that he has to be in here for a few days as it is not easy to get bail for him. Mandira asks Keertan not to worry as she will do something do that Shakti will not have a choice beside bowing down to them.

Episode ends.