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The episode start with Shakti thinking where could have Mandira gone at this time. Raghunath says to Shakti that Mandira went to meet Keertan in jail. Shakti comments on Mandira and her upbringing.

Rimjim asks Shakti what is she thinking. Shakti says she is thinking of exposing Keertan and Mandira and asks Rimjim for her help.

The reporters round up Mandira when she comes out of the police station. The reporters question Mandira if it is true that Keertan has gone to jail under domestic violence. Mandira asks those are just rumours and asks the reporters to stop spreading rumours. The reporters says they are not spreading rumours. The reporters show to Mandira that Rimjim admits to her followers in the social media that Keertan tortured her and shows the wounds given to her by Keertan. The reporters ask Mandira if this is her upbringing. Mandira leaves from there.

Shakti calls Mandira and warns Mandira that if she tries to hurt Shiv or anyone again then Shakti will not stay calm. Mandira cuts the call.

Koyal drops Kishore and Manorama at her home. Dharam thanks Koyal for dropping her. Kishore says to Manorama that Dharam is looking like he would like to partner up with Koyal for life. Manorama sends Koyal away.

Bhagwati, Raghunath, Karthik and Shiv drink mango juice. Bhagwati and Raghunath praise Shakti for making the mango juice. Mandira comes and comments on Raghunath and other family members that they are drinking mango juice and they are not caring for Keertan when Keertan is in jail. Raghunath and Bhagwati say to Mandira that her son is paying for her crimes and comment on Mandira. Shiv says his mango juice is over and asks Shakti to pour it. Mandira gets irritated and tries to throw Shiv’s bowl away but Shakti stops Mandira.

Manorama praises Dharam on his acting. Manorama says even she thought for a second that he has fallen for Koyal but she realised Dharam could never fall for Koyal.

Shakti asks Mandira to not even think about it. Shakti asks Mandira to stay away from Shiv.

Shakti pours Shiv some mango juice. Mandira says to Shakti that she understands Shakti is trying to replace her place in this house. Mandira says to Shakti that she will never be able to replace her in this house.

Mandira tries to sit in the chair beside Shiv. Shiv pulls back the Mandira’s chair to take his toy. Mandira falls on the floor. Everyone laughs at Mandira. Mandira tries to slap Shiv. Rimjim catches Mandira’s hand. Mandira asks Rimjim how could she stop her and asks Rimjim what does Shiv mean to her. Rimjim says Shiv is a brother to her. Rimjim says a sister can also protect her brother.

Shakti stops Mandira when she tries to answer Rimjim back. Shakti puts ear phones in Shiv and Karthik’s ear.

Shakti comes infront of Mandira and later argues with her and comments on her.

Shakti reminds Mandira how Keertan beat her up in the hospital and says if she had the chance, she would have beaten up Keertan. Mandira asks Shakti if she will beat up Keertan. Rimjim says she will beat up Keertan and because he deserves this. Rimjim comments on Mandira. Mandira leaves from there.

Padma tries to go and drink mango juice but Mandira stops her but Padma doesn’t stop and go to drink juice.

Mandira seeing everyone supporting Shakti thinks she has to do something to break their unity and punish everyone.

Episode ends.