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The episode starts with Karthik giving ice cream to Shiv that he made. Shiv asks Karthik what should he do as there is no ice cream for Shakti. Shiv decides share his ice cream with Shakti.

Rimjim asks Karthik to come here as they have to go to sleep. Shakti says to Shuv that he can’t eat this ice cream as it is too cool. Shiv puts ice cream in a bowl and they share it after it a while. Shiv and Shakti feed each other. Mandira witnessing it from afar. Mandira says to Shakti in her Herat that she will show what Shakti can do. Mandira decides to destroy Shiv Shakti relationship.

Koyal waits for Dharam. Koyal feels uncomfortable as she waits for Dharam at the tea stall. Dharam comes and talks to Koyal. Koyal asks Dharam if they should go to a coffee shop. Dharam says this is the place where he hangs out with his friends. Koyal comments on this place. Koyal sees Dharam looking sad and decides to give this place a try and she drinks tea with Dharam. Kishore witnesses it from afar.

Shakti asks Shiv to eat the food. Shiv asks Shakti to feed him. Shiv says to Shakti that today Karthik will go to school and he will feel bored. Shakti says to Shiv that she planned a good activity for him. Shakti asks Shiv to write about the people that he loves in this book. Shiv agrees

Mandira agrees with Shakti and says he needs to write about all the family members in this photo. Mandira says to Shiv that he needs to write about Gayatri even if she isn’t with them. Shiv feels sad thinking about his mother.

Raghunath asks Mandira what is he doing. Mandira says Shiv should write about Gayatri and this game will only be over when Shiv writes about Gayatri.

Manorama sees in the news that Keertan has gone to jail for domestic violence. Manorama sees Rimjim’s video in the news and praises her. Kishore comes to Manorama and says to Manorama that she spotted Dharam drinking tea with Koyal near the tea stall.

Bhagwati asks Mandira why is she doing this. Mandira comments on it and asks Shiv who is he going to write about. Shiv says to everyone that he is missing Gayatri as she went to take care of her mother as grandmother is ill and Gayatri left Shiv here to take care of Raghunath.

Kishore tries to caution Manorama that Dharam is falling for Koyal and he is not acting. Manorama doesn’t believe that Dharam will fall for Koyal and says if he really falls for Koyal then she will close the door on his face and ask him to get out.

Mandira gets shocked with Shiv’s answer and asks Shiv what is he saying.

It is shown Bhagwati asks Shakti if Shiv asked her about Gayatri. Shakti says Shiv asked her a lot of times and asks Bhagwati if there is any time that Gayatri has left Shiv for a long time. Bhagwati says Gayatri left Shiv for a long time when her mother’s health was sick.

Shiv says Gayatri will return after grandmother gets better. Mandira gets upset hearing this. Shakti says to Mandira that she knows she will never be upto something good so she created a back up plan for her evil schemes and comments on it.

Mandira gets upset and breaks the photo in anger. Mandira says to Shakti that the family is broken. Shakti says the family is not broken but the people who try to break this family will be broken. Shiv says to Shakti what he wrote about Raghunath. Bhagwati and other ask Shakti what will he write about them. Padma also asks Shiv what will he write about her. Shiv says he will write about everyone and goes to his room.

Mandira says to Shakti that she is noticing that she is changing sides. Padma says she will be with people who has the upper hand. Padma promises Mandira that she will come to her team once she has the upper hand. Padma leaves from there. Mandira thinks she will play such a game that she will get the upper hand.

Episode ends.