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The episode starts with Shiv thinking about Shakti. Shakti says to Shiv that if anything happens to him she will die.

Koyal goes looking for Rimjim. Dharam stops Koyal and flirts with her. Mandira calls Koyal and asks her if they found Shiv. Koyal says the cops haven’t found Shiv and they left. Mandira asks Koyal why is Rimjim not picking up her call. Koyal says Rimjim has gone into the room to talk to her parents. Mandira agrees. Mandira suspects something is going as Rimjim is not picking up her call.

Mandira later calls Keertan and asks Keertan to return home and she also asks him to contact the fake police. Keertan agrees.

Padma reminds Mandira that the last time that last time everyone was pointing finger at her. Mandira says yes. Mandira says this time everyone will point finger at Shiv. Mandira says she also has a way to catch Shiv.

Manorama ties up Rimjim to a chair. Shakti looks for medicine to give it to Shiv. Shiv leaves the room. Shakti and Manorama hide Shiv from Koyal. Manorama asks Koyal what is she doing here and asks her to leave. Koyal says she will leave with Rimjim as she came here with her. Manorama says Rimjim already left. Koyal calls Rimjim but Shakti takes the phone. Shakti falls over Shiv on bed. Rimjim thinks even in this situation Shiv Shakti are thinking about romance.

Manorama asks Koyal to leave and leaves from there. Kishore notices the Dharam and Koyal staring into each other’s eyes. Kishore signals he is here. Koyal leaves from there. Kishore reminds Dharam that Manorama will kill him if she knows about his love.

Mandira comes with Keertan and the fake police to Kashyap Sadan.

Mandira says to Raghunath that on which organ transplant crime Keertan has gone to jail, on those organ transplant papers Shiv’s signature is on it. Raghunath sees the papers. Mandira says previously they didn’t hear Keertan’s story and now story is different. Inspector says culprit is Shiv in organ transplant, not Keertan. Kamalnath asks Keertan why he didn’t tell them before. Keertan says he can’t go against his brother.

Raghunath says someone is framing Shiv. He asks Inspector to not believe the framed evidence. Mandira agrees with Raghunadh. Kamalnath asks Mandira to stop supporting Shiv. Raghunath asks Mandira to stop loving Shiv more than their son. Raghunath tries to talk to his brother. Kamalnath says to Raghunath that Keertan made a mistake by not exposing Shiv’s mistake otherwise Gayatri might be alive. He says if Shiv can kill his own mother then he can also do organ trafficking. Keertan acts shocked and asks how Shiv can kill his mother. Mandira comforts him.

Mandira thinks 2nd plan is successful and now Shiv will not be caught but he will be dead.

Kishore and Shakti ask Manorama to untie Rimjim. Manorama refuses. Shakti unties Rimjim and reminds Rimjim how Shiv protected her when she was in trouble. She asks Rimjim to question herself if Shiv can kill his mother. Rimjim asks what she wants from her. Shakti says she wants her sister, and friend back. She pleads with Rimjim to change like before.

Episode ends.