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The episode starts with Shiv saying to Shakti that he is going to assist Dr Saurav. Shakti reminds Dr Shiv that Dr Saurav is his junior. Shiv says he hasn’t done surgery for a long time but Dr Saurav has done it. Shiv says he wants to be 100% sure before doing the operations. Shiv says she is might think he is doing time pass.

Kishore sees that the male nurse brought him to GRK hospital. Kishore says he will do the surgery someplace else not here. The male nurse assures Kishore that this is the best hospital in the city and his surgery will be done well here.

Shakti apologises to Shiv for making fun of his serious efforts. Shiv forgives Shakti. Shakti later praises Dr Shiv as this hospital is doing free surgery. Shiv says to Shakti that he used to do free surgery but after his trauma a single free operation hasn’t happened in this hospital. Shiv asks Shakti not to worry and says he will do free surgeries once he will do the operations. Shakti thinks her suspicion is right and leaves from there making up a reason.

Shakti thinks there is something wrong with this free surgery and she has to find out about it.

Shakti passes by Kishore but she doesn’t notice him neither vice versa.

The male nurse talks with Keertan over the phone. Keertan says to the male nurse that the patient has a problem with this hospital. Keertan asks the male nurse to do whatever it takes to keep the old man there and says he is going to reach the hospital in half an hour. The male nurse agrees.

Kishore says to the male nurse that he can’t do the operation here as this hospital belongs to their in laws. The male nurse doesn’t hear it as he is busy talking with Keertan over the phone. The male nurse assures Kishore that no one will know about his information and asks him not to worry. The male nurse takes Kishore to the operation theatre.

Shakti asks the hospital staff about the free surgery. The hospital staff says the free surgery hasn’t been done in a few years.

Manorama calls Kishore as he left the house without telling her. Shakti hears the ringtone of Kishore’s phone and she follows it.

Kishore sees Manorama missed calls and thinks she might be worried about him. Kishore says to the male nurse that he will not do this operation and he has changed his mind. The male nurse agrees. Kishore tries to leave the operation theatre. The male nurse hits Kishore on the back of his head and knocks him out. Shakti hears the ring tone again.

The male nurse sees Shakti coming towards the operation theatre so he puts him on the bed and puts a blanket over him as if he is dead body.

Shakti comes to operation theatre and asks if the ring tone came from here. The male nurse says that ring tone belongs to him.

Keertan comes to the hospital. Keertan thinks after some time Shiv’s game is over.

Shakti tries to look at the person under the blanket but the male nurse says the face is completely disfigured due to the accident and asks Shakti not to look at it. Shakti asks the name of the patient. The male nurse says he doesn’t know. Shakti tries to leave but her dupatta gets tangled.

Manorama worries about Kishore as he is not picking up her call. Dharam says he will go and look around for Kishore. Manorama asks Dharam not to leave the house worrying the debt collectors will do something to him. Manorama decides to call Shiv for help.

The male nurse untangles the Shakti’s dupatta. Shiv comes to Shakti.

Episode ends.