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The episode starts with Rimjhim asking Shakti what do you want from me? Shakti says my sister, my friend, I just want her back. Rimjhim looks on. Shakti pleads with Rimjim to return to her old self. She reminds Rimjim of their childhood promises. She requests Rimjim to not tell anyone about Shiv’s whereabouts. Rimjim receives Keertan’s call. She picks up the call and learns that he has been released from jail. She is about to leave from there. Manorama stops Rimjim. Shakti asks Manorama to not stop Rimjim and says she knows Rimjim doesn’t break her trust. Rimjim assures Shakti that she will not tell anyone about Shiv’s whereabouts. Shakti thanks Rimjim. Rimjim leaves from there.

Manorama scolds Shakti for trusting Rimjim. Shakti says she trusts Rimjim. She prays to god to make Rimjim learn about Mandira’s fake side.

Kamalnath and his daughter tell Keertan that they are happy as he proved innocent. Rimjim comes home and hugs Keertan. Everyone has Mandira’s shouting. They go near Mandira’s room and knock on the door. Keertan and Kamanath break the door then everyone enters the room. Kashyap’s family sees Mandira is injured. Keertan asks Mandira who did this to her. Everyone asks Mandira to speak. Mandira says it’s Shiv. Everyone gets shocked. Mandira says Shiv said he will kill her like he killed Gayatri. Rimjim thinks how can Shiv come here as he is in her house in that condition.

Shakti asks Shiv if he is fine. Shakti says to Shiv that she is also in same pain as him. Shakti asks Shiv to recall what happened in the room. Shakti asks Shiv why is there a knife in his hand. Shiv recalls about it. Shakti asks Shiv to tell her what he knows and says she can’t save him if he doesn’t speak. Shakti asks Shiv to speak. Shakti asks Shiv to share his pain with her. Shakti asks Shiv to tell her what happened in Gayatri’s room and says she will later take care of everything.

Manorama comforts Shakti. Shakti asks Manorama to see as Shiv isn’t speaking anything. Manorama takes Shakti away from there. Manorama asks Kishore to handle Shiv.

Keertan complaints to the cops as Shiv has come into the house right under their nose and he beat up Mandira. The police inspector asks Keertan to tone down his voice and says he is not his security guard. Kamalnath asks the inspector to catch Shiv as quickly as possible. The inspector doesn’t understand how Shiv came into this house right under their watch.

Kishore and Dharam asks Shiv what happened in Gayatri’s room and they try to mask Shiv speak but he just stays silent.

Shakti thinks if Shiv doesn’t speak what happened then he might even be sentenced to death in court. Shakti sees that Shiv is not speaking and thinks if Shiv doesn’t speak how will she find out the truth and prove Shiv’s innocence.

Kishore says to Shakti that Shiv is not speaking about anything. Shakti says atleast he is crying and hopes that he will speak later.

Shakti comes and comforts Shiv.

Mandira thinks her plan worked well. Padma praises Mandira. Mandira thinks now Shiv and Shakti are out of the house.

Episode ends.