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The episode starts with Shakti making a promise to Shiv that she will never marry him and she won’t expect anything more than him besides his friendship. Shakti says to Shiv that she would also like to request something from him in return to this promise. Shiv asks Shakti what is that. Shakti asks Shiv to return her friend Shiv back to her as she feels that God is also upset with her when he is upset with her. Shakti pleads Shiv to return her friend back to him. Shiv hugs Shakti. Shakti reminds Shiv what happened last time when she hugged him like this.

Shiv says to Shakti that he would like to ask her something and says he would like to apologise to her as he hurt her again and again. Shakti says to Shiv that he doesn’t need to say sorry.

Shakti says to Shiv that she would like to know about his past and wants to know what is eating him from the inside. Shakti says to Shiv that she would like to tell him something. Shakti says to Shiv that there are some people very close to him but they can only be called enemies. Shakti tries to tell Shiv about Keertan and Mandira. Manorama calls Shakti and asks Shakti to return home right away.

Shakti while riding the Scooty thinks she couldn’t ask Shiv about his past again. Shakti recalls about Shiv’s behaviour and thinks she needs to know the reason for Shiv’s behaviour.

Manorama brings Shakti into the house. Shakti sees Mandira and Keertan in their house and feels surprised. Rimjim says to Shakti that Mandira and Keertan came to their house as they would like to do her and Keertan’s marriage at the same time as Shiv and Shakti’s marriage. Rimjim says to Shakti now all of Manorama’s doubts have also been cleared.

Bhagwati sees Shiv in a happy mood and asks Shiv to grant one of her request and that is she would like to see his marriage. Shiv agrees to his marriage and asks Bhagwati who is the bride. Bhagwati says it’s Shakti. Shiv says Shakti promised him that she will never marry him. Bhagwati gets shocked hearing this. Shiv later leaves from there.

Gayatri asks Bhagwati what is going on as she is losing hope with the situation. Bhagwati says to Gayatri it is God’s wish.

Shiv learns about Mohan trivedi’s family being in danger from the news. Shiv thinks he has to do something.

Shakti asks Mandira why does she want to make her to make their house daughter in law as she hates her. Rimjim complaints about Shakti’s behaviour to Manorama. Manorama asks Rimjim to shut up.

Mandira says to Shakti that at the beginning there were some differences in between them but now she thinks Shakti is the best choice for Shiv and asks Shakti for her hand so that she can put bangles on her hands.

Episode ends.